Thomas Cogswell Upham

(1799-1872 / the United States)

Thomas Cogswell Upham Poems

1. Oh Love! Thou Day-Star Of My Heart 10/8/2010
2. Oh, Could I Rule My Erring Thought 10/8/2010
3. Oh, What A Fearful Thing It Is 10/8/2010
4. Penitence 10/8/2010
5. Power Of Holy Love 10/8/2010
6. Quietness Of Spirit Reflected In The Life 10/8/2010
7. Resource In Temptation 10/8/2010
8. Sing That Song Again 10/8/2010
9. Sonnet I. The Liberty Of The Gospel 10/8/2010
10. Sonnet Ii. Necessity Of Divine Illumination 10/8/2010
11. Sonnet Iv. The Blessed Name Of Christ 10/8/2010
12. Sonnet Ix. Confidence In God In Bereavements 10/8/2010
13. Sonnet V. True Rectitude 10/8/2010
14. Sonnet Vi. The Millennial Day 10/8/2010
15. Sonnet Vii. The Sovereign Will 10/8/2010
16. Sonnet Viii. He Standeth At The Door 10/8/2010
17. Sonnet X. Meekness Of Spirit 10/8/2010
18. Sonnet Xi. Consolation In The Gospel 10/8/2010
19. Sonnet Xii. The Place Of Refuge 10/8/2010
20. Sonnet Xiv. Help In The Wilderness 10/8/2010
21. Sonnet Xix. Living Near To Christ 10/8/2010
22. Sonnet Xv. Support In Affliction 10/8/2010
23. Days Of Youth : Part Second 10/8/2010
24. Death Of Colonel Hayne 10/8/2010
25. Deliverance In Christ 10/8/2010
26. Desire For Heaven 10/8/2010
27. Encouragement 10/8/2010
28. Enmity Of The Heart 10/8/2010
29. Entire Consecration 10/8/2010
30. God The Unfailing Source Of Love 10/8/2010
31. How Happy Is The Peaceful Breast 10/8/2010
32. If There E'Er Was A Time 10/8/2010
33. In Prison, When The Early Saints 10/8/2010
34. Jehovah, Sov'Reign Of My Heart 10/8/2010
35. A Little Bird I Am 10/8/2010
36. Christ Our Refuge 10/8/2010
37. Dark-Rolling Connecticut 10/8/2010
38. Sonnet Xvii. The Book Of Judgement 10/8/2010
39. Sonnet Xviii. The Source Of Happiness In The Soul 10/8/2010
40. Sonnet Xx. The Glimpse Of Heaven 10/8/2010
Best Poem of Thomas Cogswell Upham

Consolation In Sorrow

Although affliction smites my heart,
And earthly pleasures flee,
There is one bliss that ne'er shall part,
My joy, oh God, in Thee.

That joy is like the orb of day,
When clouds its track pursue;
The shades of darkness throng its way,
But sunlight struggles through.

Oh Thou, my everlasting light,
On whom my hopes rely;
With Thee the darkest path is bright,
And fears and sorrows die.

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A Little Bird I Am

A Little bird I am,
Shut from the fields of air;
And in my cage I sit and sing
To Him, who placed me there;
Well pleas'd a prisoner to be,
Because, my God, it pleases Thee.

Nought have I else to do;
I sing the whole day long:

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