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14 June 2018

Blessed are those who bring comfort to the lonely and to the suffering.

14 June 2018

Kind deeds strike fear into the hearts of wicked men.

14 June 2018

By the time that our mortal lives come to an end, I believe that each and every one of us would like to be able to say, 'I have lived. I have loved. And, I have prevailed over every obstacle.'

24 July 2018

Sometimes, the sweetest smelling bouquet of flowers that the human race can give to each other is a good hard laugh and a solid peace of mind.

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Amanda Campbell 26 December 2019

Good to see some new poems

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The Best Poem Of Thomas Koron


I found pleasure in every direction,
As I wandered mystified through the fields.
A snapdragon captured my attention;
Possessed with the sensation that it yields.
Moving slowly over the grass, I feel
Entranced; the flower holds me in a daze.
Once the snapdragon’s near, I stop and kneel;
And then, dream into the bright summer haze.
How I had gone for many miles without
The joyful zest, which now flows through my soul.
Shedding away feelings of fear and doubt,
With enchantment that makes my spirit whole.
Surrounded by colors of brilliant red,
I make that velvety garden my bed.

© 2012

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Thomas Koron Popularity

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