Thomas MacDonagh

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Thomas MacDonagh Biography

Thomas MacDonagh (Irish: Tomás Mac Donnchadha) was an Irish nationalist, poet, playwright, and a leader of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Early Life

MacDonagh was born in Cloughjordan, County Tipperary. He grew up in a household filled with music, poetry and learning and was instilled with a love of both English and Irish culture from a young ...

Thomas MacDonagh Poems

The Stars Stand Up In The Air

The stars up in the air,
The sun and the moon are gone,
The strand of its waters is bare.
And her sway is swept from the swan.

On A Poet Patriot

His songs were a little phrase
Of eternal song,
Drowned in the harping of lays

The Yellow Bittern

The yellow bittern that never broke out
In a drinking bout, might as well have drunk;
His bones are thrown on a naked stone

A Dream Of Being

I walked in dream within a convent close,
And met there lonely a familiar nun;
Then in my mind arose
A vehement memory strife

The Man Upright

I once spent an evening in a village
Where the people are all taken up with tillage,
Or do some business in a small way

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