Thomas Paine Poems

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Liberty Tree

In a chariot of light from the regions of day,
The Goddess of Liberty came;
Ten thousand celestials directed the way

Hail Great Republic

Hail great Republic of the world,
Which rear'd her empire in the West,
Where fam'd Columbus' flag unfurl'd,

O Could We Always Live And Love,

O could we always live and love,
And always be sincere,
I would not wish for heaven above,
My heaven would be here.

The Death Of General Wolfe

In a mouldering cave where the wretched retreat,
Britannia sat wasted with care;
She mourned for her Wolfe, and exclaim'd against fate

The Boston Patriotic Song

Ye sons of Columbia who bravely have fought,
For those rights which unstain'd from your sires have descended.

Farmer Short's Dog Porter: A Tale

Three Justices (so says my tale)
Once met upon the public weal.
For learning, law, and parts profound,
Their fame was spread the county round;

To Sir Robert Smyth, Paris, 1800.

'TIS that delightsome transport we can feel
Which painters cannot paint, nor words reveal,
Nor any art we know of can conceal.

Lines Extempore

Quick as the lightning's vivid flash
The poet's eye o'er Europe rolls;
Sees battles rage, hears tempests crash,


Tune-Anacreon in Heaven
To Columbia who, gladly reclined at her ease
On Atlantic's broad bosom, lay smiling in peace,

Impromptu, On A Long-Nosed Friend

Going along the other day,
Upon a certain plan;
I met a nose upon the way,
Behind it was a man.

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