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On Being Seventeen

After seventeen years of
Living and breathing and feeling
I almost want to rewind everything
And start over again
To take the home video
And pop it in the VCR
Press the double, left-facing arrows
And watch that baby roll

Backward, to where bikes
Were all we had to get around
Speeding every inch of rubber
Off of those blue demons
We raced down the dirt road
Like all we held dear was a mile away
And we’d fall and jump up, starting again
Like fresh legs on a morning run

But now it sits there in its malign majesty
Propped against the ...

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Father's Words

It was a blow unlike any other that
left me winded, screaming for breath
panting for losing that part of us.

When that clenched fist
knuckles white, filled with bitter retreat
suffocated every part of me.

It was as if, when he let it go