Tishani Doshi

(9 December 1975 - / Madras / India)

Tishani Doshi Poems

1. At The Rodin Museum 6/23/2012
2. Undertwo 6/23/2012
3. Love In Carlisle 6/23/2012
4. Aj, Age 15 6/23/2012
5. Lament —I 9/23/2016
6. Love Poem 11/11/2016
7. Contract 11/11/2016
8. Walking Around after Neruda 11/11/2016
9. Find the Poets 11/11/2016
10. Girls are coming out of the Woods 11/11/2016
11. The Art of Losing 11/11/2016
12. Turning Into Men Again 6/23/2012
13. What The Body Knows 6/23/2012
14. The Affair 6/23/2012
15. Open Hands 6/23/2012
16. Another Man's Woman 6/23/2012
17. Ode To The Walking Woman 6/23/2012
18. Immigrant's Song 6/23/2012
19. Ode To Drowning 6/23/2012
20. The Day We Went To The Sea 6/23/2012
Best Poem of Tishani Doshi

The Day We Went To The Sea

The day we went to the sea
mothers in Madras were mining
the Marina for missing children.
Thatch flew in the sky, prisoners
ran free, houses danced like danger
in the wind. I saw a woman hold
the tattered edge of the world
in her hand, look past the temple
which was still standing, as she was —
miraculously whole in the debris of gaudy
South Indian sun. When she moved
her other hand across her brow,
in a single arcing sweep of grace,
it was as if she alone could alter things,
bring us to the wordless safety of our beds.

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At The Rodin Museum

Rilke is following me everywhere
With his tailor-made suits
And vegetarian smile.

He says because I’m young,
I’m always beginning,
And cannot know love.

He sees how I’m a giant piece

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