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1. Went Away... 3/15/2011
2. Stopped, , , ! 3/15/2011
3. I Should Have Known 4/26/2011
4. Out Of The Heart 4/26/2011
5. Love Still There 4/26/2011
6. Lost And Lost 4/28/2011
7. I Say To You 4/30/2011
8. Since You'Re Gone 5/5/2011
9. You Are... 5/15/2011
10. In The Lullaby Of Flowing Air 5/15/2011
11. Outrage 5/16/2011
12. Whenever I See You 5/17/2011
13. Every Day I Walk To Her 4/25/2011
14. Walk In Your Love 3/13/2011
15. Those Days... 3/13/2011
16. With Open Books Lying Unread On The Table 3/13/2011
17. I Walked Away From The World I Lived In 3/15/2011
18. If I Had Forgotten Him 3/15/2011
19. Dark Hopes 3/15/2011
20. Glaring Hope 6/3/2011
21. The Ash... 6/8/2011
22. Although You Tried 6/10/2011
23. I See The World Upside Down 6/15/2011
24. Snatch Or Scratch 6/15/2011
25. He Pushed Me On The Ground 6/22/2011
26. This Moment Let It Be 4/3/2012
27. New Year 4/3/2012
28. After Years 4/3/2012
29. Days With Pain Are Yet To Come 4/3/2012
30. Cimmerian Gloom 10/23/2012
31. Darkness Descends 10/23/2012
32. Celebrating A New Day 10/23/2012
33. Give Chance To A Mistake 10/23/2012
34. A Touch 12/11/2013
35. I Feel You 12/11/2013
36. That One Teardrop 12/11/2013
37. What Is It Like? 12/11/2013
38. Away 12/11/2013
39. Towards The Peaks Of Joy 12/11/2013
40. And Now I Say Goodbye 12/11/2013


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I Don'T Love You

I know I don’t love you
But wonder why
I think of you day and night
And often dreams of you.

I frequently find myself shutting off the door
And locking myself in between the room
Closing up my eyes, even up my breath
And meditate in the charm of yours

Or when I wake up in between my sleep
When I don’t see you in the dreams;
Or when I envy the air embracing you,
I know I don’t love you, but still I do…

I wonder why I feel sad
When you’re absent from where you shouldn’t be
And I do wonder why I hope
May you come and be with me

I ...

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Those Days...

As I was coming from where you were going
The distance between us was on the verge to fade,
And as your eyes stayed on mine
I knew that a difference is being made.

Those days, when we doubted on our hearts
But invested hope on the other,
Hoping that you would love me
I wondered whether I love you or not.

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