Toluwanimi Ibikunle Poems

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Its The Law

Walking through this dark hallway,
My heart racing for the fear of what's next
My mind drifts back to how it all starts.

Hey Ma'am

Hey ma'am
you're walking through the spotlight in your full glamour
your strength and grace at their peak
adorned with the finest of robes, you've got all their attention

Locked In

My hearts overflowing with words,
Yet my hands cant scribble down a sentence.
It burdens me
Tossing and turning in my bed

Reconciliation Phase

Hearing the laughter behind my name,
Watching my head plans shatter
Unfulfilled wishes and dreams
lost hopes and lost love


When did you walk in?
thought you were long gone
So I bid all of the feels goodbye.
Never did I think they would come down rushing at my feet.