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my love i will do any thing
to hold you close
to kiss you at least once

there was once a girl who live
she was loved by all around
her best friend gave her a lover
and bestod him to her

i know of a world of
a world of war and hatred
where there's no room for peace

My life has a secret to keep
My world is darkened in me
This monster follows me
Cuts me open head to feet

i forgive u baby
even thow it was wrong
i cant lose u know
even thoght im strong

I never new what love is
Or even what a true friend was
My story started when I was 5
first day at school and I was jumped by some kids I still don’t know what I did but so I expected the punches and learn to avoided them but there second weapon cut worse than the first names being called the teaches wouldn’t help I think they didn’t care I was to kind to ask for help to stubborn to think I was rejected by the people I loved I was pushed a round by friends I had two girls I loved die before I met them and 5 move after I still get teased now at 17 but I don’t really care I have a gouges girl friend who loves me I hope the curse doesn’t get her too

I lost the most important thing
My heart soul and every thing
I thought I would die with out her near
She cut me deeper than the cuts on my wrist

My life is in darkness except for a light
This light is not happiness my family or friends
See my life is in darkness no need for light
For see my face and u will know why

Fate is involved
In life the hole way though
Heavens net is wide
But lets nothing though

Love fragile as a rose
Hollow sorrow it douse grow
Each minute left in life
Is equivalent to a another knife

Happiness is a thing of the past
And a hope of tomorrow
My life is in to darkness
But she brings me light

under a moon as red as blood
when u come of age
stay in darkness all night long
and say this simpel phrase

lay ur head down
dont worry for im here
littel one sleep
no need for tears

life and love
never be the same
like peace and war
are entagelt like twine

a girl gave me hope for life
and one sweeped me away
i know i love one but
i hole the other dear

strait and narao
makes sence
follow orders
close ur mine

to die whoud be the last thing i wish but if its for u than i can bear
to love u even thow i have no chance left is somthing i hope
in life i love u in death i am with u help me live
till we are together alwase

My lover knows I keep this ring for her
My love wants to learn to spread its wings
I loved knowing I was in pain
But this ring is worth a lot more

the wind blows when i call
it keeps me warm on a cool day
the wind stops when i ask
cools me down in the heat

tony atkins Biography

a big harte in a small town of naracoorte the arts are his fortay he spens alot of time writing his life came from darkness in whitch he lives and he met a girl who changed his world hes 17 and smokes drinks all around avreage guy but he hides somthings from every one this is were some of thouse things end up 'my life is bad but its not over yet i will keep moving on till it is' 'ur dead when ur dead no giving up till than' 'its not how many times u got knocked down its how many u got back up')

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What I Will Do For You

my love i will do any thing
to hold you close
to kiss you at least once

my love i will never
forget you
forsake you
leave you

my love i know they whant us to fail
our distanse is great
but my love is strong
the first and last thing u are

if you miss me
remeamber what ill do for you
if you miss me
sleep and dream of me

i love you more than life its self
and if you have to run ill be beside you all the way
ill buy you a island a world of your own

just say your with me and ill do any thing for you

by shadow angel

this it for my angel the love of my life i know she loves me

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