Tony Hoagland

(1953 - / North Carolina / United States)

Tony Hoagland Poems

1. When Dean Young Talks About Wine 9/7/2015
2. Please Don't 10/21/2015
3. Special Problems in Vocabulary 10/21/2015
4. Disappointment 4/14/2016
5. Note to Reality 6/13/2016
6. DON'T TELL ANYONE 7/31/2018
7. PERSONAL 7/31/2018
10. BARTON SPRINGS 7/31/2018
11. BIG GRAB 7/31/2018
12. MUCHNESS 7/31/2018
13. THERE IS NO WORD 7/31/2018
14. Windchime 8/1/2018
15. Arrows 8/1/2018
16. Beauty 8/1/2018
17. Bible Study 8/1/2018
18. How It Adds Up 8/1/2018
19. Memory As a Hearing Aid 8/1/2018
20. Requests for Toy Piano 8/1/2018
21. Wasteful Gesture Only Not 8/1/2018
22. Reading Moby-Dick at 30,000 Feet 8/1/2018
23. Coming and Going 8/1/2018
24. Quiet 8/1/2018
25. In Praise of Their Divorce 8/1/2018
26. The Change 8/1/2018
27. Lucky 8/1/2018
28. A Color of the Sky 4/28/2015
29. Reasons to Survive November 6/25/2015
30. America 1/17/2015
31. From This Height 8/1/2018
32. I Have News For You 2/19/2015
33. The Change 1/20/2015
34. Jet 1/20/2003
35. Grammar 1/13/2003
36. Lucky 1/20/2003

Comments about Tony Hoagland

  • Nicholas Campbell (3/28/2019 11:51:00 PM)

    Deceptively simple poems. Lovely stuff. For those who think this isn't poetry, they need to be very still and let every thing come in.

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  • Renee Joyce (1/2/2019 8:56:00 AM)

    His words capture some things I can never articulate. They ring so true, I can feel them beating in the eye of my heart. It is a comfort to read Tony's poems and feel the breath of them speak.

    2 person liked.
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  • Elizabeth MacMillan (10/25/2018 1:53:00 PM)

    I have seldom read a body of poetry that has such power to reach into daily life and produce an epic. I will miss him.

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  • Everson McDaniels (5/1/2018 8:51:00 PM)

    Sorry, but this poetry is not poetry! It's just a bunch of thoughts spilled onto paper.

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    10 person did not like.
  • Kamiel Choi Kamiel Choi (2/25/2018 4:57:00 AM)

    Very impressive modern poet

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  • Susan Bryant (1/14/2018 5:10:00 PM)

    I discovered Tony Hoagland on the pages of The New Yorker and have fallen in love with his poetry. He's bracing—and wonderful!

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  • Evelyn Friedman (7/5/2009 7:45:00 AM)

    This guy is really DOPE

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  • William Goldsmith (8/6/2007 1:53:00 PM)

    Enjoyed 'Jet'. Mr. Hoagland, did you serve in the USAF?

    10 person liked.
    4 person did not like.
Best Poem of Tony Hoagland


If you are lucky in this life,
you will get to help your enemy
the way I got to help my mother
when she was weakened past the point of saying no.

Into the big enamel tub
half-filled with water
which I had made just right,
I lowered the childish skeleton
she had become.

Her eyelids fluttered as I soaped and rinsed
her belly and her chest,
the sorry ruin of her flanks
and the frayed gray cloud
between her legs.

Some nights, sitting by her bed
book open in my lap
while I listened to the air
move thickly in and out of her ...

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Maxine, back from a weekend with her boyfriend,
smiles like a big cat and says
that she's a conjugated verb.
She's been doing the direct object
with a second person pronoun named Phil,
and when she walks into the room,
everybody turns:

some kind of light is coming from her head.

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