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1. A Poem For Holly 7/8/2009
2. Master Dacey 7/8/2009
3. Byron Cannot Write Poems 7/8/2009
4. My Dealings With Various Cabbages 7/14/2009
5. Ode To My Various Bowel Problems 7/8/2009
6. Cheese Grating 7/8/2009
7. Poems For Poetries Sake 7/8/2009
8. The Alphabet 7/8/2009
9. Faith Is Leaning On My Chair 7/8/2009
10. Pasta 7/8/2009
11. A Short Poem 7/14/2009
12. Crazy Lead Llamas 6/18/2009
13. Epic Poem 7/8/2009

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Epic Poem

This poem is epic
so I named it so
it's more epic than wind and snow
which are in there own respects quite epic
snow could be described as ghetto
and wind can take on epic forms
like a spinning tiger with legs made of iron bars
that would be pretty epic
infact I think that happened in outer mongolia
to a young girl how got hit by the iron bars
sadly she died
but the type of death was one we all wish for
over exposure to pure epicness
like viewing a snail with a lightsaber who flies over mountains made of cheese
that's bleedin' epic
imagine it if you...

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