Tracy Rollings Poems

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I Know A Little Boy (Child Abuse)

sits alone each day
doesn't ever talk much
never wants to play.

A Child With No Mother

Born into this world
the hands of a drunk
life wouldn't be easy
for this little punk.

Fear (Child Abuse)

Rainy days and stormy nights
a train running through my mind
tree's fall knocking out the lights
and I somehow, lose all track of time

His Pain(Child Abuse)

I saw the kid, walk through the door
dragging his books, across the floor.

To tired to make it, too his room

You Pay Now(Child Abuse)

I came home from my cousins one night
when I got on the porch, it didn't feel right.
Something told me, that this was the end
my key wouldn't work, you changed locks again.

They Didn'T Know(Child Abuse)

I got dressed and went to school one day
and there was no smile on my face
but the teacher knew something was wrong, cause i didn't want to play
because my happiness was gone and pain took it's place.

Better Man(Child Abuse)

A life in a hole, oh what a scary fright
bad dreams run through your head as you sleep at night
you wake up crying all scared and alone
can't go back to sleep because you know they're not gone

My Life(Child Abuse) It's All Real

I came home from school, early one day
Because my mom said, she had something to say
She carried me out that day, and fed me good
Like only a mother really would

The Wish(Child Abuse)

I asked one day, if there was time, could we go fishing
threw you hand on your hip and said just keep on wishing.

Said your soaps were on and that it couldn't be missed

Heaven Sent

Have you ever ask, yourself why
you never saw an angel, in the sky.