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Tracy Rollings Poems

1. Wisdom 5/3/2007
2. Making A Stand 5/8/2007
3. The Beast 5/25/2007
4. What Will It Be 5/25/2007
5. What I Read 5/25/2007
6. What Did I Do So Wrong 5/25/2007
7. Love Is Beautiful 5/25/2007
8. Your Love 5/25/2007
9. Why 5/25/2007
10. Our Troop's With Love 5/14/2007
11. Love Is 5/25/2007
12. Without You 5/25/2007
13. For Your Love 5/28/2007
14. Love Sucker With A Broken Heart 5/30/2007
15. Son Of Pain 5/30/2007
16. I Learned 6/1/2007
17. My Bad Day 6/4/2007
18. You Make Me Proud 6/4/2007
19. Fury In The Night 6/24/2007
20. Comes From The Heart 6/24/2007
21. Love Angel 6/24/2007
22. Living In A Dark World 6/24/2007
23. I'M A Heart 6/24/2007
24. Angel Of Life 6/27/2007
25. Don'T Judge Me 7/23/2007
26. A Child Without A Home 7/23/2007
27. You Don'T Know (Child Abuse) 7/23/2007
28. Winter Wonderland 7/23/2007
29. The Better Man 5/25/2007
30. Special Love 5/3/2007
31. If I Didn'T Have You 5/3/2007
32. You And Me 5/3/2007
33. My Job 5/3/2007
34. It's Your Call 5/20/2007
35. Tell Me Why 5/21/2007
36. I Wonder 5/23/2007
37. Pouring Rain 5/25/2007
38. My Pain 5/25/2007
39. Her Love 5/25/2007
40. Remembering Dale# 3 5/25/2007

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I Know A Little Boy (Child Abuse)

sits alone each day
doesn't ever talk much
never wants to play.

The clothes he wears
are dirty and torn
looks like some thing
that has been worn.

The pain he feels
down deep in side
knowing it's killing him
something he can't hide.

His heart is broken
tears fill the eyes
everyone ignores him
he begins to cry.

Alone in this world
left by him self
feels like a doll
been put on a shelf.

But the pain is real
that he can't deny
sad part about it
no one cares why.

Learns to fight young
best that he ...

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Standing on the top of a mountain, looking out afar
when someone pulled up beside me, in a dark colored car
a man got out and walked over to me
then he asked me son, how far do you think you can see.

I wanted to answer, but i didn't know what to say
and the man turned around as if to walk away
but he started to speak, in a very gentle tone
he said once i was happy, and now I'm all alone.

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