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There are many things about you
So I gotta make this smooth
And you’re the type of girl
That knows what to do

I need love
I need someone I can hug
I need a girl that will sit down
And tell me how she does

Dear Lord,
I'm siting here crying
With my head to the sky
And you know I've been cryin

Imagine if you came home
There’s roses on the floor
Goin down the hall
Stoppin at the room door

These poems right here
Are my thoughts and my dreams
My happiness and my sadness
Every word comes from me

If you looked in my eyes
Can you see my pain
A lot that I lost
But there’s a lot that I gained

People say I’m cold
Cause here feelins aint felt
If there’s something needs to be done
Better do it your damn self

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning girl
And I see you’re still asleep
I’m sitin here watchin you girl
Watchin you while you dream

Picture this, me and you on a beach
On one of the islands
While we sit back and sip drinks
The sun will be shining

Am I conceited?
Cause I know I got a nice body
After this poem
Ima have you thinking probably

I love you
Do you love me too?
To tell you the truth
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you

Let me come over and hold you tight
And whisper in your ear
That I want you girl
I love it when you’re near

it seem like the more I wanna tell her
the more things get better
but Im not getting happier
and I don’t wanna put it in a letter

this person is on my page
like everyday
and when I write
they wanna know what I got to say

Or is it me you desire
baby tell me jus let me know
wrap around my hot body
hell yeah, you know how it goes…


I jus wanna be alone
I don’t wanna feel no pain
I don’t want you callin my phone
Or tell me anything- anything

Ok its four o’clock
My girl gets off at six
For dinner I’m wonderin
What I’m gonna fix

Hey baby tell you the truth
It’s really hard to hear you say that
I know it was wrong what I did
Please baby don’t turn your back

Go ahead and tie my hands
Tightly behind my back
Now I’m ready for
Any and all attacks

If you could hear my heart beat
I wouldn’t have to say a word
It would tell you my life story
From noun to noun and verb to verb

Travis Johnson Biography

hey im travis and i like writing poems. most of my poems are writen in 10 to 15 minutes. some poeple say i got a way with words. i like writing things that poeple can relate to and understand. i hate writing something bout my life but i still do cause i feel it shows people the real TJ. and like all people i have a good side and a bad side and my bad side name is Rexx 2. thats where TJ intro and Rexx 2 intro poems comes in so poeple can see the difference in them. TJ is more your feeling guy that everybody likes and want to be there for and Rexx 2 is an anger more violent guy that people jus dont wonna know. in my poems i really dont like to cuss or use words that poeple frown on. and im still tryna pick a style i like so bare with me. everybody likes Please Tell Me poem and i got to admit that, that was one of the hardest poems i ever wrote but it took me bout 5 to 10 minutes to write. i really want to thank my wife and daughters for support cause without them i wouldnt have much to write about. oh this is a shout out to everybody that supports the troops cause i dont think poeple hear us say it enough. thanks for everything.but with no futher dues please enjoy my poems and tell me how it made you feel. thanks alot your poet TJ)

The Best Poem Of Travis Johnson

Sweet Talk

There are many things about you
So I gotta make this smooth
And you’re the type of girl
That knows what to do
I mean every single second
That we are together
It’s like bein outside
In the perfected weather
Your real fine body
Is the shape of a bottle
You got a mind of a queen
And a face of a model
If I could hear your heart
I wouldn’t turn away
There’s things I wanna do to you
But I jus can’t say….
All day I can listen
To the way you talk
Girl you turn me on
Jus by the way you walk
Come over here baby
And be my girl
Let me show you how diamonds
Can brighten your world
Girl let me look at you
Let me feel those soft lips
I’m in a touchy mood
So can I hold your hips
When I’m not with you
I got it bad
Girl that’s the truth
I get really sad

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Brown-sugar Bronze 27 October 2009

thanks for sharing your excellent writing

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Charlene Antersijn 31 March 2009

very creative keep writing

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Travis Johnson Popularity

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