Kumarmani Mahakul Tree Poems

Smiling Tree

Getting this morning near
Tree smiles with love
To transfer freshness
In air smiles more, more.

Pomegranate Tree

Pomegranate fruit is tasty it grows in small tree,
Scientifically it is known as Punica granatum,
Deciduous shrub in the family of Lythraceae,
Tallness of tree is five to eight metres.

Rippling Golden Dusk Tree

Travelling in highway of joy,
Growing deep from roots up,
This tree has many branches,
Everyone is leafless in dusk.

Learn From Tree

One, two, three,
Come children come here
Look at this tree.

Tending To Fall This Bald Tree

Who are there you catch,
This bald tree is tending to fall,
As no leaves are there in tree
No greenness is witnessed,

Under The Tree Stones Dream

Gathering in mass and unity,
Many stones in this land
Under a tree they dream,
To gain faces of love and softness,