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Bhagwan ka diya wardan hai betiyan,
mata pita ka aatmasamman hai betiyan,
tapti dhup mein thandi chaoon hai betiyan,

True friends are hard to find,
i am lucky that you are a friend of mine,

we shared so many things together,

If i took a little minute to write for you,
it would turn into a lifetime for all the things you do,

when i was small child,

Zindagi hai ye meri,
hai mujhe khulkar ise jeena,
bandishein na ho jahan,
hai woh kaun sa jahann,

I never thought i would love someone like you,
never in my dreams that i would meet you,
when i first meet you we were supposed to be friends,
who would thought i'll love you in the end,

We had been friends for many years,
With much laughter, fun and tears,
we said we would be friend tull the end,
you said you would always be my friend,

I don't want to lose you,
but yes i had to do,
i don't want to betray you,
but yes i had to do,

I was an imperfect girl,
then you came in my life as an angel,
we are always by each other never leaving,
we're the best friends never deciving,


Life is precious,
life is small,
and life is not important than anything at all,

Aaurat; puji jaati hai mandiro me,
kehlati hai shakti hamare desh mein,
lekin phir v kyun na milta samman inhe? ? ? ? ?

Thank you Mom

You could never appreciated enough,
You could never be thanked enough,

It was fault in our star's they say,
But I don't feel in that way,
Stars never made us together,
Not the destiny drifted us,

As i sit alone here thinking abou you,
My face get wet with tears past due,
I never thought we would be apart,
I never thought you will break my heart,,,

We are perfect...
With the different choices,
With the different aspects,
With the different thoughts,

If i ask you
to come again,
to sit by my side
to hear my thoughts

Just a last kiss,
Before we leave,
Before our last breathe,
Before the last words,

I want to fall in love,
With Someone who have flaws,
Someone who have imperfection,
Someone whose eyes are sad,

I was a girl who had dreams of fairytales,
You realised me that am not a princess,
i was so stupid because i have believed in you,
and now am feeling regret for loving you,

I can't find the right word to say,
i love you and you take my breath away,
i love you with my heart,
i love you with my soul,

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Just a small town girl, who is trying to find herself in her words.. Thoughts and words are my life and i write cause it's the only thing which makes me alive :))

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Bhagwan ka diya wardan hai betiyan,
mata pita ka aatmasamman hai betiyan,
tapti dhup mein thandi chaoon hai betiyan,

manta samaj kyun beto ko itna?
Agar beta hai kuldeepak pariwar ka,
toh do ghar jinse kiya roshan,
woh deep hai betiyan,

phir bhi karta samaj apman inka,
jinse roshan hai jahan sara,
hai log jallad woh jo khatma karte hai inka,
tike hai jinpar par parivar woh neev hai betiyan,

mangti hai dunia beto ki mannat,
humari nazar mein bhagwan ka diya ashirwaad hai betiyan.....

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Forgive your own lies, stop feeling bad about yourself, maybe you aren't perfect and everyone have their own flaws and that makes everyone same in a different way and that's the beauty of being different. When you are flawed but still beautiful in your own way..

The fairy godmother never came to turn her into a princess neither her prince came searching for her. But when she realized she is able to fight for her own, that day Cinderella turned into a warrior of real world.

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