Bernard F. Asuncion Trust Poems

Let Not Your Trust Fall Apart

R-emain firm and confident,
O-nce the day turns dark;
M-ove on and stand strong,
A-s life is not a walk in the park.

Putting Trust In God

When we are in danger,
Close our eyes in prayer.

A Matter Of Trust

It is a matter of trust
With a good aim to adjust
To eliminate disgust.

Put Your Trust In The Lord

Happy birthday, Brother Donner,
Put your trust in the Lord God's grace;
Obey the words of the Father,
To feel the Almighty's embrace.

In God The Chosen People Trust

In God the chosen people trust,
Without a shadow of the doubt;
There is no need to hesitate,
No reason to worry about.

Let Me Always Be Full Of Trust

Let me always be full of trust,
Ignoring not the Lord's power;
Hanging on through time is a must,
Sure that I'll overcome hard hour.

Trust The Only Source

J-ust trust the only source,
E-verything comes from the Father;
A-lmighty God is the Creator,
N-othing can take over.

Someone You Can Trust

S-omeone you can trust
A-lways knows the way;
R-egardless of season
H-e'll brighten up your day.

Prove Your Trust In God

J-ust prove your trust in God,
A-llow it not to waver;
L-et it remain so strong,
E-ven on twenty-sixth October.

Trust In The Maker

E-arly thirtieth December,
U-nderneath the blue sky;
N-ight chill Thursday turns
I-nto Friday sun rising high.

Complete And Total Trust

C-omplete and total trust
R-equires faith in the Lord;
I-n the Father you truly rely,
S-ubmitting fully to His word.

On The Day In God You Trust

G-ray haze has turned
I-nto a fresh morning light;
N-ew dawn has broken
A-fter the dark turns bright.

Believe And Trust

Believe and trust in the Father,
Our confidence is based on the gospel;
Hold firmly the faith we've received,
We'll be saved if we follow His will.

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