Kumarmani Mahakul Trust Poems

Light Of Dignity Of Trust

This light is very graceful,
Directly this has come from,
Above abode has sent this,
By command of God light comes.

Glistening Trust

Oh dear God while you sprinkle
This light of wisdom enters
Here in my mind with vibration
This is wet in hopes, this shines.

This Trust Is Unbend

Like truth gains victory over lie,
Light rules over very deep darkness,
Love rules over enemies wisely,
Our trust on God rules over us.

Feeling Of Trust

Strongly we feel this essence
As taught and given by God,
Beauty has motivated many,
But God cares at each moment,

Witnessing Trust In You

Very deep love time sings in heart
Each beat transmits webs to you
Dear beloved super lover you know
I am just witnessing this view.

That Trust That Talks

That trust comes within,
Tricking with new light,
Rays move upwards in life,
We feel God's presence.

Trust No One Can Break

No one can break at all, no one can
We have unlimited concrete trust!
God, you are only our eternal father
We feel you at each step and sing

Intense Trust

We do not attach to illusion,
We do not look at back to the past,
Fathomless realm of your creation,
We feel at each moment in wonder.

Yes We Love And Trust God

Yes, yes and yes, three times declaring truth
We promise and declare truth of inner cores,
Oh dear poet, you do not bother at all,
We are with you and we love you very much,

Root Of Existence Is Trust

Trust is originated from God,
He is greatest trusty power,
God has given trust as a law
Nature obeys this law too

Trust Of Seasonal Flow

With glow of inner light, we are flowing,
Seasons are coming and going so far,
Movements of creatures are very cooperative,
Time is helping a lot to run in space.

Judgement Of Eternal Trust

With sensible and successful conclusions,
Ability of soul is eternally considered,
Empowering through eternal light,
Soul is given special freedom.

Trust And Nuance

There is trust in mind and life,
But there is subtle difference,
With growth of feelings in mind,
We find new hope that dignifies.

Tremendous Trust

Intensity of hope is measured in light,
Brightness of joy is painted in life,
Strife has no place as we love wisdom,
We live in unity and we feel his mercy,

Trust Values More

This universe is created in trust
In eternal essence of expression,
We witness wonder only and feel,
Creator is majestic power here.

Time Is Declaring Trust

While this morning arrives
At each door step of life
This sings only your song
We hear eagerly every sound.

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