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Who Am I

Who am I
I am a human being
I am short and black
I am a son to my parents and a brother to my siblings
I am handsome and smart
I am that boy who never stops trying
I am the person who always believes in me not in peer pressure
I am a child who never stop thinking of how the future going to be,
I am a good boy, friendly and confident
I am a funny person and caring
I am a dreamer and a believer
I am a too shy sometimes and too confident sometimes
I am that person who always want to be heard when I say something
I am who I am, born that way, and will die that way
I am who I am because of the people who I grew up with and where I'm from
I am proud of what I am and who I am, and I'm just going to be myself
I am who I am and I'm proud of myself.
I am person that love and play soccer
I am focus, motivation and resilient
I am a very energetic person
I am looking forward to my future………

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