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The utterance of my words create the vibration of results,
Before I speak I think of the results of my words'
From the tips of my lips lies death and birth
I have the power to change the future by my wording`

I am alive today!
I am blessed today`
I am favored today
I am happy today


How many times must I worry...?
My emotions always have something to carry
How many times must I say sorry...?
My feelings always have to harry'

I stand at the dark corner`
I tell myself everything is fine,
But my mind tells me to consider
Everything that is not mine

The clear sky has an ability to talk
Come near and give ear to the call
To hear the sound spirit of the Creator`
Have no fear to come closer to the Creator'

Everynight I look upon the sky'
I see the magic star of love
The bright star of faith and miracles
I see the magic star of hope

It is the importance of perseverance
That creates erratic poetic minds
With the stature of Laws
To turn problems arround to be free

The grown stage of changing
The crown of white rewards
As the field of gress is green
The sun makes it yield gold`

I see the sign of influence
It is like a spine, without it the is no service
You stand paralyized without endurance
It is sized like a mountain it can embrace

When you love, you are enchanted`
To have endurance for the one you love'
You are forced to engulf them with love
You have to became fidelity for them

I go back to the days of adventure`
As the silence of peace is at presence
The utterance of words decleare the purity of dreams
The is no longer sorrow, but happiness'

Light upon the sea, nation........generation`
Let the sea endow the revenous earth
Let the nation build a better tomorrow of hope'
The generation of perfection comes within light`

Intelligance is not a gift, but the way you understand life
And what you stand for as an individual in LIFE! !
Know you purpose so that you may know what the future holds as a divine creature! !
It is what I am, but whose is in me! !

Am I in the right position?
Am I in line with my projection?
Am I in the right destination?
Am I in line with my decision?

I wonder by my feelings, what is love and life?
The world is hush and jealous of my success'
I ponder every hour, why sorrow and obstruction
Saviour of life I reach out for a better life`

What is salvation?
Salvation is Repentance'
It is the power of acceptance
The choice to receive a saviour`


Is place where the is a Kingdom'
The Kingdom above all kingdoms
Is place of honor and glory`
Is home to the King of kings

It comes with the sign of new life
When I look up in the midst` I see life
I feel the air that brings order to life
'Now the morning spirit creates joy for life'

IT is the vibration of a direction of determination,
To create a generation of passion in every nation'
So the remission of peace can come to creation
And let the stature of nature abide in nobility

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Psalm100vs 3 “Know that the LORD, He is God; It is He who made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people and the sheep of His pasture” (NKJV) The road of life seems to be a fictitious path as a result of listening to what people are saying. One must understand that it is not what people say that paves direction to their destiny, but what gives them the reason to face tomorrow, is what paves there direction. Living is answering to life’s demand because humans are the sum of what drives them to face the future` if there are not ready to face tomorrow than they have failed the divine gift of breathing. The influence you receive from your day-to-day life contributes to your destiny, so it matters what type of influence is it because being destined comes with a great deal of responsibility. This also implies that life comes with reasoning, reasoning indicates that there is more to life and when there is more to life questioning is at the heart of every human being. The journey of life needs more then just taking the right route it needs one to consider the aspects that let him/her find fulfilment in their life. There is a reason behind everything that is made, what makes us human is what is inspire us to find purpose behind nature. Purpose produces inspiration and inspiration brings fulfilment while fulfilment installs the reason for breathing so if the influence you get is not in line with the path you are walking on then failure is your potion because what aspire you must be in accordance with what you are predestined for. Inspiration lets you see your life from a different perspective in other terms it acts as a perspicacity to let you find existence. Today many people are lost, there are without direction as a result of taking into account what people think is the best way to live life. Purpose is a map giving life the direction to the fulfilment of a destiny that has already been determined by the Creator, He is the one who knows the very existence of creation. Then the real aspect of having life is not just living any how there are principles that govern life. Life is an expression of the creativity of the Creator in creation through the mandated destiny. One must understand that life is not defined by success or prosperity, but is defined by a purposeful life that is in pursuit of fulfilment, because life lived without a purpose is like oil mixed with water. Purpose never abates because it knows what you must do and for what reason or the ability to see the future that is ahead of you in other words purpose is a visionary it sees what other people cannot see. Proverbs28vs18 “Where there is no revelation (purpose) , the people cast off restraint (perish): But happy is he who keeps the law. The visibility of your purpose in life is dependant on you find the reason for your existence on earth so purpose is a vehicle to fulfilment in life. The reason that life seems to be unforeseen event comes as a result of being taken by the pleasures of life which offer a two minute fulfilment those later results in regret and an unhappy life. Purpose gives you the courage to never abate to the situations in your life, while it also incubates inspiration by letting you see the end of your race. Then there is nothing without reason in life for with every action there is a motive which resulted from an idea which came as a result of a thought, so purpose is the idea that gives you a picture of your destiny. Life is not based on you being yourself, but letting yourself take direction from purpose. The failures that humans face in life is not because of their surrounding or background, but taking other peoples dreams, goals, objectives, and destinies trying to make them fit in their own. Greatness is not in credentials but in you understanding life and knowing what God has placed in you in order to fulfil the destiny He predestined you for so that you can express the ability of an effective life. Life is light the brighter it gets the more you enjoy walking your journey because every thing is clear you can see the destination that you are mandated for. Faith and purpose cannot be separated because faith is an expression of the ability of the Creator in creation in other words it is the expression of the effective creativity of the Creator in the life of the creation this shows us that the glory given to the Creator by creation is fulfilment incubated by purpose. Jeremiah 9vs11 “ For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give hope and a future”(NIV) . The question is what plans? Purpose which is to give glory to Him, to prosper you in what way? Let you fulfil your destiny, and not to harm you in what way? Letting the inspiration of His word direct you, give you hope and a future in what way? Letting you see the end of your destiny from the beginning. Be positive of what God has made you stop searching for acceptance in groups, friendships, and places the fact that God gave you life and He is with you proves that you have been accepted. This implies that we do not find fulfilment in what people say about us, we need to understand that is not what we want to achieve in life which makes us, but what is it that makes our spirit man find)

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The Power Of The Tongue

The utterance of my words create the vibration of results,
Before I speak I think of the results of my words'
From the tips of my lips lies death and birth
I have the power to change the future by my wording`
I stop to explain to myself about the rain
Which rain 'I ask myself again, and again'
The rain of pain that is about to come out of my month,
But I now stand and change my words to joy
And I now see which direction is the best'
Although I may feel rejection I can rest
Beloved I chose repentance than to perish'
Now that I have perseverance I can 'NOW' crush`
The enemy that was so hush on me for my faith
I rush to heaven to me strength
I speak the word of the spirit to destroy'
The towers of my enemies to the ground
I am who I am say I am
I am the results of who I am said I will Be!

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Elemchos Kratoz 18 August 2016

thank you Read some of your poems.You have great aptitude for verse.Nurture it.Keep writing....strewn with some powerful imagery

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Abhay Vignesh L 08 March 2011

Read some of your poems.You have great aptitude for verse.Nurture it.Keep writing....strewn with some powerful imagery

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