1. I Love You 6/13/2009
2. Letting Go 6/13/2009
3. Woman Lost To A Bad Love 6/17/2009
4. Indecisive Love 6/20/2009
5. I'M More Then Just 7/11/2009
6. Locked Away Love 7/13/2009
7. More Then A Number 7/17/2009
8. The One 7/17/2009
9. To You, From Me 7/23/2009
10. Dear God 7/26/2009
11. I Close My Eyes 7/28/2009
12. Not Anymore! 8/6/2009
13. And That's When I Will Say I Love You 8/22/2009
14. Waiting To Say It 8/29/2009
15. It's Hard 10/30/2009
16. The Closing Chapter 6/3/2010
17. No Answers 7/25/2010
18. No You And Me 7/25/2010
19. Found My Answers.... 7/25/2010
20. Trying To Change My Life! 8/26/2010
21. What True Love Is 1/23/2010
22. And That's Why 6/22/2009
23. My Black Skin 7/18/2009
24. Perfect Man, For A Better Woman Then Me 6/13/2009
25. **the 1st Time** 7/17/2009
26. A Real True Love 7/11/2009
27. **in June** 7/17/2009
28. **feelings** 7/26/2009
29. **about You** 7/25/2009


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**about You**

Can’t describe the feeling I feel right now.
All I know is I love it.
Feels like I can’t catch my breath and breathe
Your love is all I need.
You help me succeed and grow.
Your love is all I want to know.
Please don’t ever go.
Stay with me by my side.
For a lifetime.
Never to part
You have remained in my heart
From the very start.
I feel like I can conquer the world
You’re the one I adore
I can’t deny my feelings anymore
I’m always glad, never sad
Never any madness
Just plain old happiness!
Fascinating is what you are
Thank you, thank...

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And That's Why

I didn’t call and wish you a happy fathers day today
Cause everyone called and told me today.
Did you need for us to call you on this day?
Just like the kids wanted to play that day?

I didn’t call and wish you a happy fathers day today
Because you haven’t seen your kids in 21 days
I bet they wanted to play within those days
So that’s why I didn’t call and tell you happy fathers day

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