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321. A Kid-Killer And A Mother-Saver 6/5/2010
322. A Water Festival And A Beautiful Girl 8/1/2010
323. Burma Iconic Lady Aung San Suu Kyi (Ballot Vs Bullet) 4/27/2012
324. How To Prevent A Brutal Attack (1) 9/14/2012
325. Mum's Beautiful Hand 5/13/2013
326. Religion (11) (A Narrow Path) 9/14/2012
327. Gladiators 3/12/2015
328. Aung San Suu Kyi's Father. 6/29/2014
329. A Pole Dancer 11/27/2013
330. Priority Seat On Public Transport. 9/16/2010
331. Domestic Violence (2) (Zero Self-Esteem) 6/29/2009
332. Animal Rights(Cats Are Dying Painful Death.) 1/3/2009
333. Animal Rights(A Dog At The Temple) 12/20/2008
334. Animal Rights (A Bad Cat) 11/5/2008
335. Animal Right (A Dog's Love For Life) 4/26/2008
336. Burmese New Year & Water Splashing Festival (2) 4/10/2008
337. Tom Was Always Late. 1/4/2008
338. Friendship (No Matter What, But.......) 2/18/2008
339. Animal Right (A Fighting Cock Lost Fighting Spirit.) 3/29/2008
340. Deity Vs Octopus 7/20/2010
341. Chinese New Year (Dragon) 2/6/2012
342. A Good Son 3/26/2011
343. An Ideal Family (1) 8/26/2009
344. Mother Day (Good Son And Daughter Are True Treasure) 5/10/2008
345. Animal Rights (A Good Cat) 11/3/2008
346. Food (Food Crises Solved By Robin Hood's Way) 5/4/2008
347. Food (A Hungry Man Is An Angry Man) 4/17/2008
348. Animal Right (A Fat Pig's Lament Over Abusive Owner.) 3/27/2008
349. A Boozer's Blunder(1) (A Powerful Solvent Destroys Everything) 1/19/2008
350. An Old Husband And A Bold Wife (5) (Old Flame) 2/25/2008
351. A Smoker's Sob(1) (A White Stick Destroys Everything) 1/19/2008
352. Taiwan Betal-Nut Beauty In Bikini 1/24/2008
353. A Young And New Sailor 2/17/2008
354. Animal Rights (Anti-Fur Protest) 12/4/2008
355. Animal Rights (A Restaurant Sold Fried Fish Cruelly) 6/26/2008
356. China (From Opium-Eater To Space-Walker) 10/4/2008
357. A Random Act Of Kindness (1) Paying The Bus Fare. 6/10/2008
358. Mother (4) (My Migrant Mother Memoir) 5/31/2008
359. Parent's Woes (1) 6/21/2008
360. Dangerous Plastic Toys 4/8/2009

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Friendship (Friendshift, Friendshit, Friendship)

A very rich man
surrounded by many friends,
womanizing, playing poker,
wining and dining together.
Every time at his own will
he paid all the bills.
One day he went broke.
At his friends he then looked.
He found them nowhere
All disappeared like vapour.
They are now with a new rich guy.
Away from poor friend, they rapidly shy.
They have an eye for their own profit.
They are friendshift.

A group of people
mingling together.
It looked nothing different
by outside appearance.
They seemed friends of the best.
But they stabbed at ...

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Life Is Like A Rose

Life has its ups and downs.
When having ups,
It is like lying on the petal of the rose,
So comfortable with the fragrance tickling in the nose.
When encountering downs,
It is like being pricked by the thorn of the branch,
So painful and hurt with its sharp.
As rose has its bud,
So life has its birth.

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