U Win Kyi Poems

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Mother Day (A Neglected Mother's Loneliness And Sorrow)

Every year on Mother Day,
I have many words to say,
from here Old-Age home where I stay,
to my children who live far, far away,

Friendship (Meeting An Old Friend Unexpectedly)

Hello, my friend, ' long time, no see.'
meeting you here is full of bliss and glee.
Many years had passed since I left.
Many more years had flown very fast since we met.

Once there was a country,
ruled by a king with justice and prosperity.
The queen was such a beauty.
The civilian lived happily.

Mother's Love (Speaking Heart Of A Mother)

I am going to tell you a story,
Which is very famous in Myanmar literature history.
Once there was a young man living near a city,
With his widowed mother happily and peacefully.

Solar Eclipse

When we were kids,
in a small village, we lived.
One day there occured a solar eclipse.
There was a traditional belief,

Father Freak (1) (Took Son's Wife And Killed Son's Daughter)

A 4-year-old daughter was murdered,
by a 45-year-old grandfather,
who had a love affair with his daughter-in-law,
who is a 23-year-old woman whose husband's heart got gnawed.

Love Crime (2) (Violence Caused Vegetative State)

She is a brain-injured patient,
so gaunt with sunken eyes, cheek bone prominent.
Fate had stricken her relentless.
For many years, she has been lying flat,

A Sex Worker (3) (She Swallowed The Pride And....)

When her husband died early,
she felt her world shattered suddenly.
He was the sole bread-earner.
She with no schooling became a manual worker.

A Woman With Inner Beauty.

She is always optimistic.
She always forgives.
She is never selfish.
A charity she always gives

A Hungry Boy And Foolish Politician

A begging hungry boy
sobbing in a cry
while watching the firework display
as the New year was hailed.

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