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Every year on Mother Day,
I have many words to say,
from here Old-Age home where I stay,
to my children who live far, far away,

Hello, my friend, ' long time, no see.'
meeting you here is full of bliss and glee.
Many years had passed since I left.
Many more years had flown very fast since we met.

Once there was a country,
ruled by a king with justice and prosperity.
The queen was such a beauty.
The civilian lived happily.

I am going to tell you a story,
Which is very famous in Myanmar literature history.
Once there was a young man living near a city,
With his widowed mother happily and peacefully.

When we were kids,
in a small village, we lived.
One day there occured a solar eclipse.
There was a traditional belief,

A 4-year-old daughter was murdered,
by a 45-year-old grandfather,
who had a love affair with his daughter-in-law,
who is a 23-year-old woman whose husband's heart got gnawed.

She is a brain-injured patient,
so gaunt with sunken eyes, cheek bone prominent.
Fate had stricken her relentless.
For many years, she has been lying flat,

When her husband died early,
she felt her world shattered suddenly.
He was the sole bread-earner.
She with no schooling became a manual worker.

She is always optimistic.
She always forgives.
She is never selfish.
A charity she always gives

A begging hungry boy
sobbing in a cry
while watching the firework display
as the New year was hailed.

As the jingle saying so,
New friend is silver, old is gold,
With no amount of money it will be sold.
My friend is like a priceless pearl,

A bus-driver and a preacher died at the same time.
The driver went to heaven where God's glory shines.
The preacher went to hell of fire,
a place reigned by terror of Satan Lucifer.

A marvelous performance
by a troupe of Chinese dragon dance
when watched from a distance.
it looked like so real was no nonsense.

He used dope.
He had no hope.
To it he could not say nope.
With his work he could not cope.

Renate Hong is a 71-year-old German woman.
In 1960 she was married to Hong Ok Gun, a north korean.
At that time, he was a student to East Germany.
After 1 year of marriage in 1961, he was recalled back to his communist country.

I was married to a rich man.
I thought my life would be like in heaven.
I was living in a house so grand,
riding the car with a famous brand,

There lived in a village,
a young drug addict,
stealing small things to feed his bad habit.
When caught red-handed he was hit,

The bold wife was on a trip out of city.
In a moonless night..hot and high humidity
The old husband slept alone naked,
without covering with a blanket.

Yesterday I was waiting at a table,
in a grand 5 star hotel.
The diners were 10 in number,
sitting around together,

When I was a kid,
in a far, far village I lived.
My parents kept cows, goats and pigs.
They also planted vegetable and fruit...so juicy and big.

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Mother Day (A Neglected Mother's Loneliness And Sorrow)

Every year on Mother Day,
I have many words to say,
from here Old-Age home where I stay,
to my children who live far, far away,
who are too busy, a visit they rarely pay.

My hairs are becoming sparse and gray,
My teeth decay,
and break away,
My mind depresses and in dismay,
My nervous response slow and delays,
My memory forgetful and in disarray,
My legs weak and walk in sway,
I feel so gloomy when the day is without sun-rays,
I feel so scare when the night is without moon-light spray,
I keep the toys made of clay,
with which in your young age, you played,
to keep the boredom at bay.
I keep these toys to prevent sorrow which wants to slay,
my lonely heart which already is frail and frayed.

To my grandchildren, a Filial Piety, you need to display,
so that they would know how to obey,
to you when you are old in later days.
Otherwise they would say 'nay, '
and do according to the way,
you did to me before, down into the grave, I lay.

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