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Today in the morning I saw
A bird chirping & fluffing her wings.
I wished she could teach me
The ways to be happy.

Why don't we ask a traveler in Thar
‘A glass of water or a bag of Gold? '
He may tell us the actual par
Gold is naught and water unsold.

It's a term which blooms
the flowers in you
it rejoices your inactive desires
hopefully old to new.

Those days in school were boring.
Books and note-books were Heavy-weight Champions
I and the thingummies found everything confusing
then you came with colorful crayons

My lovely friends
And their innovative ideas,
Smiling kids and lessons in unison
Help me realize in boredom state

The moon is white
And the sky is blue.
Little Johnny's cap is red
Dipped in glue.

It's funny you know
when u don't know what the destination is.
you linger and loiter like a bee
looking for a flower to squat and quench ur thirst.

Life is a tuned audio.
It knows where to stop.
Death keeps the record of memories
Whether it was a hit or flop.

I am a boy of 13
With borrowed dreams.
Mama and pa are chasing the society.
Unheard, my heart screams.

When someone gives instances
Of his restricting father,
When an elderly yells at
unwanted laughter,

I am addicted to see the divine face
And the innocuous smile pouring
The love essence into my heart.
A sight revitalizing the foggy wish

A tiny girl with curly hair.
Humpty-Dumpty and a
Childish stare.

Words one after the other
Woven with enchanting memories
Have left me drowned into the past.
Lucid tears rolling in and around

Busy in my cellular phone
Avoiding the passengers nearby,
I was trying to find
A good and soothing music.

These lines are for those
who lead their lives happily
They glitter like emeralds
enjoying the life merrily.

I started my trip
after chopping my dream into perfect halves.
It was the day when I stepped
to an institute and blew out my thoughts,

It was a time when life seemed to me
a Heavy stone on my skinny back
It had no reasons to crawl more.
It had no space to bring HOPE.

She is no more today
but still her soothing voice
refreshes me every morning.
I sit for hours alone

Lovely kids and their innocent smiles
Let me realize every other day that
The Omnipotent is somewhere around
And participating with them in disguise.

Friendship is a thread
That weaves many beautiful memories.
It is no less than bread
As it feeds smiles and wanes worries.

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The Unheard Gossips

Today in the morning I saw
A bird chirping & fluffing her wings.
I wished she could teach me
The ways to be happy.

Just amidst the unheard gossips
Between us
A nasty breeze passed by
Shivering the holy creature.

The wreathed band of love
As shelter on the hibiscus
Got pulled down leaving her homeless.
But still she smiled & blinked her eyes.

O! What a lesson it was!
Life sways and I with Ups and Downs.
Let me not curse my attempts
And make a smile undying.

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I closed my eyes and imagined the face of love and found my parents smiling...

The only tragedy of life is the certainty of death.

Troubles love my company so we are friends.

'Swachhata', the word itself voices the sound of purity and peaceful attire.

Republic Day in India sings the glory of its makers and strengthens the present men to brighten the future.

Festivals bring forth the idea of our ancestors to redeem human values.

Victory comes when you sacrifice your present.

Animals are more human than men.

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Uddhab Naik Popularity

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