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Empty Faces
stare back at the desk
they sit in
those are the tired ones

The feeling that builds
inside her body, her
soul, her mind.
where does it come from?

pass me anouther so i can
dull my pain
pass me another
so i don't go insane

you help me stay calm
under all the pressure
you can make me happy
when i'm feeling at my worst

I stand tall
noone is as strong as I
when the wind blows
my leaves and limbs shake

i'm in the crowd
looking for a way out
i'm in the church
looking for the way in

I could
take that handful of pills
because honestly
i'm sick of waking up

Unable to move
Your life so unclear
I can see your tears

That song of hope
it fills my soul
i can see clear for the next
day or two

You said you were sorry
it would never happen again.
Wasn't that what you said last time?

To see the outline
Bones that perfect

Your all I need
Your all that I can see
Your presence lingers here
Your voice is all I hear

a long and endless
way to somewhere
away from the mess
to a place of beauty

your standing
that you don't feel

I ask myself why
did i ever let you go
why did i let go
of the only person

An ugly
person the way i see
but do they
see the insecurities

i don't know how
to tell you
that i'm dying
right before your eyes

Bags hang from
my arms and legs
with pure selfishness

In every other
bathroom i'll stand
before my secret

Take me
on a ride around
the world

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Inside The Classroom

Empty Faces
stare back at the desk
they sit in
those are the tired ones

Faces Full
of happiness
laughing at a joke
their friend just told
those are the happy ones

Faces of Concentration
trying to reach their perfection
by completing their homework,
no one else seems to be doing
those are the determined ones

every few seconds
glance at the clock
hoping the class will be over
but to them
it won't come soon enough

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