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Nathaniel Hawthorne

Locked up in isolation for 12 years
You have inspired so many peers
Nor destination nor location
You've longed to write your greatest beacon, The Scarlet Letter

Unknown Intelligent

You hide in the outskirts of town
Somewhere deep in the slums
You run and I wonder from what
Down steep plains of grass you stand,

Whats To Fear

A fear to seize, a fear to conquer
Not to be said, not to be shown emotion
Shouldn't be labeled for it's instinct
Darkness hits the ground, it begins to chase it's prey

His Barbaric Yawp

I see a broad man, very outspoken
A man in his formal shirt, he looks very pleasant
His eyes direct and sharp as can be, he hides his biggest mystery
Old and serious but stands tall

Caught Up In My Imaginations

Tonight, tonight is the night
Stars and beam of lights start to fight
Just my imagination no hallucinations
What I see is a big scene, filled with simplicity

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I am a poet, as many of us are. Reading poetry is my main hobby. I write, I think, and I read. Daily, I will be reading some of your poems. Some rely poems as extending its purpose to a song, but my point of view is that poems are of thought and life to be read not to be sang. Some may state emotion some may not or the poem will leave it up to you ...

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