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Slave girl

She was a slave girl; he was just a servant
Daughter of a cook; son of a merchant

Of all that lies within life's pleasures
Your beauty cannot be compared
But I sometimes grieve to think those feathers
Would someday not sail within the air

Old Lizard

Old Lizard, you are a good lizard
You never come into my yard

I watched the weeping willow
As tears cover her soggy pillow

Why does she weep?

Black Sheep

Often seen in ever he(a) rd
and whose (a) bsence in often preferred

The dragon

The dragon is in heaven
Spitting fire

Abode of the gods
Thy celestrial throng
What magnificence is this?
An Oyster motion now hung

The animal farm

I am out of milk and eggs
The cow went for slaughter


I will never see
The perpendicularity of serendipity

Uonder Kilkenny Biography

I was born in Georgetown, Guyana to Earla Mansell and Oscar Kilkenny on September 18,1988.

The Best Poem Of Uonder Kilkenny

Slave Girl

Slave girl

She was a slave girl; he was just a servant
Daughter of a cook; son of a merchant
Both penchant by chance, the cotton bud romance
The slave girl you try not to remember
The black girl you just cant forget
Sex was drafted all over a face
Of whose final edition would be a best seller
She was the best seller of a scarred body
A scarred body that stalked the whips
And held on to the chains of fornication

Prostitution was her only salutation
The masters sex puppet; Even after abolition
He saw in her eyes the cry for freedom
When the others saw sexual gratification
But who couldnt love her; Who wouldnt hate
A face riddled with torture and compassion
The sweetest tortured soul; The most beautiful hell
Dripping in scornful temptation of their Jezebel

The huts of shame in which she dwell
Turned into the down trodden brothel
Positioned on her back; lined up at the back
Her lineage of asphalt, used to paint the road
But was it the Gods fault she heard the horns
Of change on the horizon, landing at the harbor
When the devils told her; no one will love her

So as he beat his tassa drums; And she joined in to the rhythm
The rhythym of the heart of a coolie
Who cleaved to the heart of a nigga

As he broke the chains that held her bondage
To a journey stuck in the Middle Passage.

Copyright@ Uonder Ac Kilkenny

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