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a few thoughts that arise unbidden..a few dreams that dance in the deep recesses of my mind.. yearning to be born, to see the light...

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928 Sweet Sleep..

sleep peaceful sleep
come steal over me now
numb not just my limbs
but mind and heart sublime

927 A Letter From My Heart To You My Love

My darling.. my one and only true love..
even today, my heart sings..
my lips smile,
my eyes shine

926. I Wish To Rest Now..

the world sparkles, sings and shines
as sunrays splinter thick white clouds
heralding the break of a brand new day

930 Prayer Of Thanks.

Thank you dear Father for all the wonders and gifts you'v bestowed
from the fullness of your bounty, enriching my heart and soul
brilliant yellow blossoms hanging heavily and bending every bough
like your arms reaching down to me from heaven above

892. I Am Blessed To Have You

This poem is dedicated to someone whom I value, trust and respect immensely..

a soft voice
thats what you are

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24 December 2020

The page turns, yet again....

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