Val Brooklyn Rogers black panther Poems

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The Wonder Of A Rose

From petals to stem
A rose is a display of
Brilliance of wonder

Her Lipstick Art

She knows not what she Does when she puts her lipstick on
Men become lions to
Be tamed when she puts her lipstick on she paints her lips a masterpiece of red.

When Loving You

When loving you I would say you're
The best in admiration I would say
You are lovely
In frustration I would say I don't care

Ravishing Beauty

Ravishing beauty You've got that sexy
Wishing you were here with me My sweetly scented April flower.
You are my rose. It's you my heart sings to My magic dove. My lovely. You've got everything I want and more of what I need.

To Love A Rose

To love a rose I
Write haiku specifically for
You my truest love

Dreamer Of Passions

Call me a dreamer, call me an idealist I want mass appeal I am a dreamer. As I think my muse is heavy unclear clever. I fall asleep my dreams are plenty STARLIT! Glistening! Seems vivid my contemplation deep! Near daunting. I seek the best of bounties STEEP! until I wake to count the trophies that I keep. I refrain from
Conscious tidings or else be accused of sleepless sleep and JADED SCHEMES. I am a dreamer LISTENING. to the pattering of raindrops as I sleep I dream of peach orchards and fields of violet blades of grass I dream of platinum sashes ample samples stashes of chocolate candy canes and tasty Carmel treats I seek the finest shores of the PLANET! untouched Islands GALORE! I dream of immeasurable measures of TREASURE TROVES and other mundane riches never told. Warm paradises spectacular SURPRISES I am the keeper of my dreams I an a dreamer of raspberry kisses and purple passion wishes I dream of AWARDS COPIOUS APPLAUDES

Fire Of Hearts

Flames engulf burning
Memories staining hearts
A deluge enters

The Eternal Good Bye

Pressing lips a kiss
This love has longevity
How she chides her tears

Skid Row

Horrific attributes
Calamities all around
Skid row broken dreams
Roughest atmosphere

Writer's Block No Mercy

Just a blank paper
Absent words a tragedy
My heart is broken

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