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A freshly frosted rose
Starry summer skies
Tasting a glistening snowflake
Singing acappella of love

Harmony hills
Music at the highest
Grits and eggs cooking
All senses awakening

With unusual senses, we operate
We dance to the sound of wind chimes
And whistle to the tune of butterfly wings
We SEE MELLOW MUSIC in waterfalls.

Soft white clouds breezing.
A kitten seeks butterflies.
A butterfly takes flight.

When no one else is around I amuse myself
while sitting down
And bring myself loads of joy
when I pretend to be a stand up comedian

Madness be a delicious cocktail with a harmonious hilarity of
Laughter add spices with merriment all day long.
Madness be a city in joyous turmoil expanding at the borders
Where everyone belts out a tuneless song.

Your love is an endless melody
Played just for me.
Sweet notes in spring and all SUMMER

The sly quick pen?
Who does not give up.
He brings subtle shame to his name
With carelessness.

Can I get a mention for love?
The genuine love of an alluring sunset
Can I get a mention for an inspiring LOVE?
For the love of a pleasant dawn.

Fantastic, at my feet.
A purr, a satisfying one
more meow.
Fish, mixed meat now.

The clearest of days
Out for a noon walk.
The warmth of autumn's Sun
Felicitous noises excite the air.

I was taught to always search beyond
Boundaries and limits to realize what
Is truly beautiful.
Such is a beautiful thing beyond the

Sparkling dollars of satisfaction.
The day had past a fraction on her FINGERS.
Many read life this way.
Thinking of tomorrow, DIAMOND rings,

What nonsense is this?
Where is the toss of the coin?
Where is the shift within the GAME?
The trick of the trade.

I withheld my breath to protest
The gloom of winter's frosted sprawl.
There, eloquence of nature was surveiled as
It flourished. For it became more than

Seeing my dignity FADE into obscurity.
Am I who I am supposed to be?
Is this all of me?
Watching the clock.

If not pure and true
Then what of love is love?
Surely not a figment nor a fragment
Of one's imagination.

It must have been a dream last night.
I can only tell you how it seemed to me.
All of the stars were TWINKLING.
Every tranquil event happened noiselessly.

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At age 23 I managed to write what I considered to be a Satisfactory piece of art. I can't remember the exact Title. It started with: a dimpled splash of gray on A frigid November MORNING The BEST day of my life was February 17,1966 I was Born a being of human descent destined for literary Greatness of some TYPE, the elusive DESTINY OF most Poets. I enjoyed a fantastic childhood, became an amateur Poet and published a TREASURE TROVE of poems on Poetry soup website. I also hold the copy writes To several other poems on My WORD wizard website. I have not yet experienced the fame I hunger for. Nonetheless for effort sake. I will travel the Streets of poetry until I discover my own private Avenue.)

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A Twisted Spring In Bloom

A freshly frosted rose
Starry summer skies
Tasting a glistening snowflake
Singing acappella of love
The twinkling of a million
Billion stars
A RAINBOW soaking up a perfect

NATURE LOVES spring in bloom

The TRICKLING of dew drops
At the bursting of spring
Strolling down by the
Rose bloom. Each one at
Its assigned time. None
To soon.

Sing everything a love
Song. Aching to watch an
Early moon cast its blue

Palms Perspiring at the
Thought of holding hands.
Feel the heat of a roaring

These are the things that remain
Merely for NATURAL satisfaction
Of a twisted spring in bloom

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Naked and defenseless owning nothing in this world I was born crying like a little girl.

You can hear a billion echoes in a poem of a few words, out loud.

OMG Is not a prayer. even though the G represents GOD.Do you expect a text from him?

I have no intention of turning 50y next year So I think i'll just Loiter here in this year with 49y.

I dare you to go further than the furthest. Dream the impossible dream. Set the WORLD ablaze. Live the extraordinary life you've saved. Val Brooklyn Rogers

It's understandable. I don't mow my lawn. I prefer the manual method. I cut my grass One blade at a time. It's more precise.

laughing out loud all the days of Your life causes humorous Growths of magical joy. A condition Developed from consuming excessive Amounts of happiness.

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Val Brooklyn Rogers Popularity

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