Vanessa Cabrera Poems

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A Night To Remember

a night to remember
like a prayer that has no answer
a night so romantic
a night that makes me sick

...Wild Flower

she's a girl, only a girl
a girl, who have a frigile heart
but possessed a strong spirit
a girl who have faith

`love Me... Kiss Me...

love me for what i am
or who i am
love me for no reasons
love me for no seasons

Mina De Oro: My Precious Mindoro(A Tribute To My Hometown.)

Oh my dearest hometown,
you're irresistble
a beauty that was so incomparable.
For how many times i look at you,

09. As My Music As My Love

You are the melody of my heart.
The harmony of my soul.
You are my inspiration.
The only music in my life i know.


My life is so boring and i feel so blue.
Until you came to my life.I feel something diff'rent.
I see the shine in your eyes.
I see the glamour in your smile.

11. Perfect Stranger

No other words can identified this kind of lovin;
Even poet cannot satisfied 'bout this once in a lifetime feeling.
Like reaching the highest sky,
And the echoes of desire are passing by.

`love Don'T Cost A Thing

My Love don't Cost a thing

all i want is the love you bring

Imagine The Paraiso? (Imagine The Paradise)

have you ever imagine yourself in a paradise?

The silent...The contentment...The happiness...
A heart without sadness...

`love Me... Kiss Me Again

Love me... Kiss me again
touch me...hold me
as you hold the key to my heart
and promise me we're not be apart

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