Tamil language poet.)


Vasanthadheepan's Poems



A tiny piece of cloud wanders aimlessly.

No place to repose.

In sheer despair we shed tears

In those mythological times and also now

How long your fear would prolong?

A miniscule butterfly

Thousands of flowery dreams

Throwing into fire, the Demon of Power

watches amused.

I watch the bloody contests

Many shed tears some win prizes

I return home

Dry leaves making noise

The tree unstirred


Oh, don't pursue thepilgrim

Leave him to follow his own course.

Let he at least be happy.

I saw you inside the silvery-snow

you strolled in shades myriad.

Ere I draw closer you disappeared.

Appearing as a dream precious

Oh, where have you gone before dawn?

Come night and you arrive anon

You are burnt; turned rotten

We won't shed tears

Instead we would uproot the causes; factors

We will, we will.

Creating a wonderful Veena

O, they have thrown it away as trash,

leaving it to rot….

Come on, for how much more longer

you are going to bear

the wrongdoers?




Not just the belly

but he has hands too

He toils day and night

His minutes dissolve with rest remaining unknown.

Produces mushroom as mosquitoes

He turns Amoeba into an elephant.

Money seems to reach his hands

but evaporates as heated water

As changing attires the buildings change the identities

of agricultural lands

The digital world eats the soul of man

Dreams he has that are breaking as balloons.

He goes to work daily.

returns with a desperate heart

His office goes on gradually sucking his life.

His family is being singed in desolation.

Somewhere faraway the revelry of prosperity

Rings uproariously.

It's songs were written by This One.

Could hear the sound of wind playing in

Empty rice-pots.

Not just the belly

but he has two hands too.

He starves

Toils forgetting his fatigue

In hunger

Not just his self but his family so dear

He sets afire.




You unfold the lips

Hold the tea-cup

Drink it before the flavour is lost

Where can I keep the flower you gifted me

My heart is raging

For the time being let it be in my lips

Only those hearts brimming with kindness

can feel the innermost veins and nerves

of a poem's feelings and emotions

Hungry cat

Solitary sparrow

The hunt is over

The rain accompanies me

And we walk in silence

She got into the pond

The pond held her close

A celestial flower bloomed in the pond

The fish laughed

She became a fish

The scientists are peeling onions

Geniuses knead the flour - paste

Munching parathas daily the people fall asleep.

I have no wine-bottles

Nor packets of cigars stuffed with Ganja

All I have is a heart that fumes

facing love-soaked malice.



Don't keep dying day after day
Just a day make way
for Life or Death.
That which flows through your veins
_ a sense of dignity
This one rode perfectly well
that one came unleashed
but both died in the accident.
House full of child's toys
No photos of children
In the calling bell
child's laughter would tinkle.
From the bank the Pungai tree has grown wading through the river.
The adolescents diving into the lake-water
The tree would bless the water sprinkling flowers all over
I drew the sky birds came to fly
I drew the river fish many leapt joyously
I drew man riot exploded
The Sun swings millions of wings
The cry of Light embrace
the universe.
With tender leaf a tiny plant burst open
the seed
and come into being.
Sky stitched with blue feathers
Clouds, clusters of cotton in white pristine
The orange sun comes rolling
The ‘Kadukkan' worn by grandpa
‘Thandatti' dangling in grandma's ears
As I went on seeing them
in the photograph
my surprise swelled more and more.
The cup you drank from
broke apart
I search for the one I drank from.
The drink we both were to gulp
flows as river.
The street-light is blinking.
Shivering she slowly moves away.
A dog pursues her.



Buddha Jesus Allah Eshwara
Whoever you are
Just give us our share
With no shelter
As vagabonds on the streets
With nothing to eat
Eaten by hunger
As refugees in their own land
Having no medicines within reach
Having no strength nor power to sever
the death-net being woven moment by moment
with language ravaged
tongues cut
as the broken images of
dreams buried deep
from History that singed us
we rise with burns all over
and as fire covered by ashes
we simmer

The moments bearing silence too heavy
keep inhaling terrible disquiet.

The wind would be swimming in gay abandon
in the river of blood

Days that fill the space with
the fears and horrors of midnight

wailing and lamenting
at the razor-edge of
enforced indifference; rejection
there floats the
burning Sun

Crisscrossing the Moon
suicide and homicide
keep running.

In the dream of life barren; forsaken
Twinkling stars
Catch fire emit smoke and

Inside the all too dense solitariness
Turning wet with the blood trickling out of wounds
caused by deep-cuts
and trembling
a magical cosmos
keeps swirling along
memory's pitch-dark passage.
So I stand
before thee
with words turbulent, you see....



Renouncing family
carrying dreams
wandered through lands and jungles
_ The Buddha
The mouths speaking sorrow are
being locked
Eyes that reveal pain
tightly sealed.
Burning sigh pervades
Nothing to lose
Nothing to gain
Nothing for the ordinary
average man.
My container is not filled up
Is yours full
Buddha's bowl is
nowhere to be seen
Tears and Blood
flow as blood
Wails of hunger
sound uproarious.
I am not able to sing the national hymn
In peace… oh, please…..
Blossoms upon the lips
but dagger in the heart
The wail of pebbles
slicing every second
Whistle sound at mid night
I listen to it wide-awake.
The dark moving on
all alone.



Birds are colourless
Those who highlight colours
remain kinless here
in the heart where colours gush forth
malice takes the form of a animal ferocious
It specs at the mount
the mount smiles
The sparrow turned the mount
into grains
Our forefathers' blood
has taken the shape of land
We would fence it with our blood
there is no food in my plate
and I protest and fight
No food in your plate
and you protest and fight
When are we going to combat
this is not our plate?
He who made education free
ceased to be.
Those who sell it
Celebrate him; sing his glory
His soul
would never forgive the traders.
Don't you dare to dream
Dream would devovour thee.
Fight against the real that prevails
That She is freely moving around
That the bird revels flying so high
Oh, how they boast
with such pomp and show.



I looked at the sky
Tiny droplets of luminous flowers
bloomed there in abundance
spreading far and wide.
Wherefrom they have fallen?
Could it be that they are the hearts of those
dead and gone?
Or the souls of those yet to be born?
Even after they are all well-lit
How come there is darkness still?
What sort of a sea is that
With little drops of fishes wander swimming?
Which giant has plucked off whose eyes
and have strewn them thus?
Whose gold coins stealthily stored
lie scattered there?
Are they the flashing lights of wagons
speeding up above?
Whose teardrops are those?
Are fireflies perching on the tree?
Whose frozen bloodstains?
Which hunters are wandering with headlights
tied around their foreheads?
Are they the gleaming faces of starving animals
of the dark jungle?
Could it be that the God from cosmos
spy on the seven worlds
with his eyes myriad?
What grains are they
poured out of which sack?
The eggs of which birds?
Plunging me into the depths of hunger
they sprinkle furies of all sorts
inside the entire gamut of my heart
as morsels lost.



While the shadow wearing the night as attire
Was wading through the highway of dreams
thrown away by the vehicle lights
when it lay writhing and wailing
and the trees lamented trembling
Embraced by the soft breeze
and the birds' lullabies
Beloved Moon
comes from the East
to apply balm with her snowy hands
and cure it all too soon.



In ecstasy unleashed
he jumped
With the moisture of blood
She lay there
with eyes closed.

Deep down
in the abyss unreachable
a small face
Transforming into angel
She in blank dreams
was crossing Eons and Spaces
wading through the body.

In dense forest
Light swells.
With hues multiplying
changing course
scorching jaws of sand
hauls and gulps
the yields of desire
With sobs taking roots
tears brimming
once again pulling
into the embrace of death….

She swoons with the knowledge of
her new-born girl-baby
being fed the deadly mixture
Of ‘Erukkam Paal' and ‘Nallennai'.
Drowning the trembling night and day
into the river of flooding mother's milk
She journeys beyond Time.

Spreading lusts so wide
He gets ready to dry the body,
drenched in passion and dripping,
for another spell of torment.



As the depth of the sea
I stay quiet.
Heart alone
with lashing waves.
All alone
I am as the shed of cremating useless old
Not even a handful of rice I have.
White ants inside the stomach.
The Moon and the Sun
come without fail.
Beautiful girls dance in my dreams.
My gloomy room sans light
Trembles at night.
Attires with bad odour
cover my torso.
During daytime, coming to the window
a sparrow chats with me and go.
Seeing the faraway clouds
I can perceive the mercy meant for me.
Bad, evil thoughts strive to turn me
into an animal.
I would remain an affectionate human.


(12) DHALITH __ 1

From dirt and garbage

musty smell emanates;

The stench that the raking of toilets produce

Prove nauseating;

From corpses spreds

foul smell peculiar to dead bodies;

The storm of cinders

from the cremation ground

constructs wall in the lungs;

Fear _ struck, gloom _ filled _

rolling down the thorny slopes

of heat unbearble....


tripping and falling

from time immemorial

blood keeps dripping.

Life as marshland

contains many a quicksand.

The virility of the seed returning

from Netherland

as word residual


From the very depth of our wail

_ We who are betrayed and abandoned

in the slaughtering field _

That word

sounding like a sacred chanting

contains fury so raw and righteous.


(13) DHALITH _ 2

He tears overflow.

Hunger burns him.

He __

doesn't belong to any caste

doesn't adhere to any religion.

He is not owned by any race;

Not under the control of any party

He knows not Vedas;

Has not gone through Bible;

Nor learned Quran;

or the puranas;

Never heard of Ithikaasaas.

Having no language



No salvation

Knows not patriotism.

He has no dreams

He knows not the difference between

God and Satan

He has never smelt the fragrance of Mercy

Never tasted sympathy

Never held close to heart any ambition

He would slog like a beast

and die like a worm

He is one sans identities of any kind;

No trails he leaves behind.


(14) wandering sun-like

I love the forests
Hail the rivers
Sing the glory of men
Kiss the birds
I am not I the one_
The great grand dream of seclusion.
From scars spring the fountain of agony.
The anguish of dry lands
blow as biting cold wind
Inside fruits turned rotten
worms writhe
The cities smelling foul
caught in the hands of smoke
struggle to breathe
Mossy Rocks
fly away as specs of powder.
Waterways with fountainheads
cease to be.
Starving animals
wander gaping in concrete jungles
Bearing eggs
the birds bang against cell towers
and breathe their last.
Gulping beer
Shiva is dancing solo.
Parvathi is busy trimming her eyebrows
in beauty-parlours.
Muruga and Ganesha
are immersed in video game.
smashing the dreams
is swallowing it all.


(15) His tears overflow

Hunger burns him
He _
doesn't belong to any caste
doesn't adhere to any religion.
He is not owned by any race;
Not under the control of any Party
He knows not Vedas;
Has not gone through Bible;
Nor learned Quran;
Or the Puranas;
Never heard of Ithikaasaas.
Having no language
No salvation
Knows not patriotism
He has no dreams
He knows not the difference between
God and Satan
He has never smelt the fragrance of mercy
Never tasted sympathy
Never held close to heart any ambition
He would slog like a beast
and die like a worm
He is one sans identities of any kind;
No trails he leaves behind.


(16) ON BLUE.......

He who was playing the flute was of blue skin

Everyone said that he was black.
Clouds are dark
So also the charcoal pieces.
It is by speaking about the colours that
hatred towards fellow beings begin
Tears and blood
start flooding
Flowers are set afire
Converting women into machines
they trade them
Changing children into dolls
they play heinous games.
Men slog and decay as footwear
Songs of pain and angst come to be
Treachery tour across the seas
Delirium of drugs stimulated dangerously
The diabolic tactics of stealing human organs
are conceived afresh with every passing day
Prisons keep multiplying
Punishment procedure being modernized.
Rivers are wiped out
With forests being systematically destroyed
The lands of heritage and culture
of humanity
turned to ashes.
Hearts are lost and ever searched for.
Alas _
let's end the tale
calling the flute-player


(17) Mountain base

Two deer
Tears overflowing, the male
The female deer, terribly bleeding
Alas what cruelty had assaulted them?
What perversion had preyed upon them?
Does the wind that flees wailing
Sings the song of dirge?
The river that flows roaringly
Is in fact exploding in tears of agony
Are the trees that swing and sway with such force
Writhe in pain unbearable
Does the mountain standing there in silence
Feeling heartbroken let waterfalls stream down
With the sky breaking apart and pour down densely
scattering all over
In the heavy rain so like the deluge
Those two deer.
Of them in the female deer's belly
There were incessant shiver and jerks
Humans swarm there as insects.
The selling and buying voices
Turn the streets upside down
He and she go there.
Axes and the ensuing gory acts continue
In a wink everything was over
He was all drenched and floating in blood,
Almost dead.
She getting soaked in tears
in her advanced stage of pregnancy…
Many an eye watch it all amused
Many a mouth chatter about it
Truths and lies keep rolling on.
What fury sliced it so?
What malice avenged, O…
With the wind howling
Along with tears forlorn
there began torrential rain.



Love is a wonderful thing
It can be neither sold nor bought
We can share love with love
Yesterday nothing was said
Is today also to follow suit
will I be able to know
at least tomorrow?
Your words - sheer poetry
Your heart - dictionary
Your memories Language
On the river bank
A rose-plant
I search for wild flowers
But forests are nowhere to be seen
The dust bangs against mu countenance
One became outdoor
And the other, indoor
Memories have two thresholds
Placenta she bore in her stomach
The water-pot upon her hip
Her family she bears in her heart
Drop by drop
She is being dried up
The earthen lamp keeps
Even in the storm
beautify every moment
add colour to each and every dream
your life would gain lustre
with the passing of every day
Going past lust
love would bloom
Dreams of love - never-drying spring
for wading through bitterness, sorrows and sufferings
for all pains to drain
for going beyond everything somehow
aided by the embrace of love
Along the course of the river
the withered and fallen flowers leaves _
all and more for ever.


Squirrels run and play on the tree-branches
Sparrows keep flying happily
Laughing all the way
He who can't walk feels a little joyous
The wild horse graze in the forest
The pond draws it with the watery-brush
Snow-covered mounts and pine trees
Flowers come floating in the river
Music bubbles upon the surface of water
In glow yellow it showers love
The slave's mouth is locked
The servant's brain is chained
Language struggles
On the ridges ‘Karisaalai' and ‘Nerunji'
Koravai and Kezhuru swam inside the paddy crop
And strolled along
Cranes and herons have a gala time
Once upon a time
The night-drunkard
Swears at the day-drunkard
the day-drunkard
swears at the night-drunkard
and the world swears at
one and all of them.


In Tamil: Vasanthadheepan
Translate into English: Anamika Rishi



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