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A heart ajar

A heart ajar
a dream half seen

I want to be your love
I want to be your kiss
when tender dawn pours
its loving caress

The sun’s won again.
Dark heavy downpour pounds at
My worn-out heart, though.

Flames in the fireplace.
Hands that touched them, got burnt
but now know their heat.

a brush of light
that painted
a little corner deep
in the firmament

Rain water
the huge cloud’s


A rare thing to see
in that place. An oddity.
Bright, clear, like new life.


Gospel on my desk.
Birds chirping their happiness.
Dawn knocks on my door.

Derelict house.
Walls peeling off. Swallows that
Fly away like dreams.

So many flowers.
Their petals cups of prayers
to Incarnate God.

Thick mud on the grass.
How many seeds underneath
in silent elation

Framed in the trappings
of rich man-made vanity,
an boundless desert.

The silence of that feeling

The silence of that feeling
rustling past the moon

Poem scrapped in the bin.
Steps on the snow drawing close.
Pen ordered to write.

New born poem (haikus)

A new poem was born.
Its cry, flash of wild lightning

Vassilis Comporozos Biography

Hi, my name is Vassilis Comporozos. I' m from Greece. An EFL teacher and translator, I also love reading and writing (mostly poetry) . I have published 3 poetry collections in Greek so far and taken part in three poetry anthologies as well. I have won some poetry prizes. I have had poems published in some Greek literary magazines and, also, in some Greek and English websites ( and . I can speak Italian as well and love Latin too. I have also written and put on stage with my students, some verse (humorous, I hope!) fairy tales. I adore English which I find the ideal vehicle for my new passion, haikus and tankas.)

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A Heart Ajar

A heart ajar

A heart ajar
a dream half seen
in a chest
whose lid was
quickly fastened.

A heart ajar
a smile half
upon a flake
of snow
which in
no time melts.

A heart ajar
a long beautiful sentence
whose verb
never dared
to come out
in the light.

A heart ajar
a poem half read
before you reach
its climax
and touch
its heaven.

A heart ajar
a love
drawing near
like a ray of sun
you try to catch
but will
always flee.

and it may

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