Vedanth Bhatnagar

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Vedanth Bhatnagar Poems

1. Miseries 2/9/2013
2. A Blessed Child, To The Worsened Realm 2/9/2013
3. Answer 2/10/2013
4. A Mirror Of The Past 2/15/2013
5. An Experience Of His Grace 2/15/2013
6. A Death Without Mourns 2/16/2013
7. The Prophet I 2/19/2013
8. The Prophet Ii 2/26/2013
9. I Hence Regret 4/12/2013
10. Of Sorrow, Of Loneliness 7/5/2013
11. A Wait, A Dream I 7/13/2013
12. To A Child 7/16/2013
13. Wake Me Not 8/11/2013
14. On The Death Of A Librarian 8/11/2013
15. The Independence 8/11/2014
16. The Search For Joy 8/12/2014
17. A Question To The Child 8/16/2014
18. As Winter Falls 12/9/2014
19. On Letters And Words 1/26/2015
20. The Republic 1/29/2015
21. To Do 5/15/2015
22. Ignorantiam 7/13/2015
23. Nothingness 2/4/2016
24. Rise And Fall 2/6/2016
25. Of Virtues And Their Antitheses 6/5/2016
26. On The Hegemony Of The Mind 6/14/2016
27. The Night 1/3/2013
28. Wanderers In Time 1/21/2013
29. Of His Creation 1/24/2013
30. A Wait, A Dream Ii 7/15/2013
31. An Animal's Story 1/25/2013
Best Poem of Vedanth Bhatnagar

An Animal's Story

I was born, without speech,
To benevolent Mother Earth,
Feeble, flaccid, ignorant of this cruel world,
That love of my Mother had hid in her kind mirth;
I was cared for, by my fellow beings(humans) ,
The truth, was but hid in veil,
But little was known to me,
That, so bitterly, would I ail.

It is only now, that I realize,
After, in this abattoir, I stood, with quivering legs,
That, tears are of no worth,
When a speechless animal, for his life, begs.

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Walking with sorrow's load,
That day, as I was passing by the road,
A man lay beneath a shed,
Without an utterance, he, everything said,
His eyes as dark and deep as an ocean,
His face, without a mark of cunn,
It seemed, that he had been expelled from life,
In a bitter strife,
Miseries, drifting through the wrinkles of his face,

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