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Hope and Faith go hand in hand.
Hope for the future.

Hate is the opposite of love.
These emotions are powerful.
Hate stirs up conflicts and wars.
Discrimination is a cause of hate.

The end is near.
Chaos guardians have been set free.
Pandemonium breaks out.
One's pulse beats ever so fast.


Is an baleful curse.
A more terrible curse than the plaque.

Swimming in a river of emotions.
Lost forever in a reveries.
Practically lives in another realm.
Inner conflict between two forces.

Deep seas of nothingness marries the face of the moon.
The moon. is only a small world lifeless world.
A face of a rare and radiant maiden appears on the surface.
Her face and body are made of deep lunar seas.

Love that still premature.

Destiny is controlled by the mighty gods.
It swirls like a massive whirl pool.
No mortal being can escape it's hold.
Destiny controls our every action.

I though this relationship had everything.
It was you who did got another girlfriend.
Can't a long distance work?
I thought you loved me?

Gleams in the east.
Intense white light.
What a sight it blinds you.
Pure rays of renewal.

Ojos de demonios
Quemarte las almas
Con su odio

The high seas is where I make my home
Now I'm ready for an adventure
Easy all we ever do is roam
I don't mind taking on this venture

Caps, gowns, tassels, shrouds
Seniors finally wear them
Completing education

Diving into a new world.
Plain words take you on an epic adventure.
Books the key to the knowledge of the ancients.
History is took by characters.

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Vega isn't my real name, it's only a pseudonym. I am an haikuist. I use a strict 5-7-5 syllable count.)

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One Must Have Hope


Hope and Faith go hand in hand.
Hope for the future.
Hope leads to a brighter future.
Hope for riches
Life would be different without hope.
The power of hope makes us hold on.
In the worst of times hope is there.
Hope fuels our courage.
It makes hearts stronger.
Hope doesn't just give up on us.
Hope is like faith one must have both.

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