Velvet Thorn Poems

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Not A Quilting Bee

I'm folding laundry in the sun
My neighbor says, 'That looks like fun'
And soon she brings her laundry out
Then other neighbors come about


Your smile kills me
Stabs me like a knife
Darts from you like a laser
Straight into my soul

To See Or Not To See

I see a young boy
eyes closed
fingertips searching
Pretending he knows not what he does.

Black-Eyed Susan

Call me Rudbeckia
(Becky for short)
A black-eyed susan at night
Petals luminous

Meeting Halfway

Come let us practice astral projection
We'll meet above the ocean
And waltz beneath the stars

A Demanding Woman

A challenge was offered
A task of love
An exposure of self.
You accepted.

Afraid To Disappoint

There once was a chick from Voorheesville
Who thought she might write with some small skill
She gave it a try,
Then her muse ran dry

Sun And Rain

Not opposite
But complementary
Night and day
are ill defined

Little Toys

Cars and trains
And boats and planes
Fossil rocks
Found in the rain

Late Summer Sonnet

Where did the Columbines and Lupines go
The Alliums that stood so straight and neat
The raspberries with all their bright red glow
That children did consider such a treat?