Venkatesh M. R.

Rookie (18th June,1972 / Coorg)

Venkatesh M. R. Poems

1. Moon And Me 10/6/2008
2. The Rose 10/10/2008
3. Stingy Oldman’s Last Wish 10/10/2008
4. Agony Of Missing You 10/10/2008
5. Your Silent Presence 10/10/2008
6. Redemption Song 10/10/2008
7. The Butterfly 10/14/2008
8. Moon 10/26/2008
9. Diwali Greetings 10/26/2008
10. A Poem For Valentine Day 2/12/2009
11. Do I Love You? 2/28/2009
12. They Have The Right To Dream 3/15/2009
13. Mist 3/20/2009
14. What Is It B/W You & Me? 4/28/2009
15. That Smile 5/24/2009
16. Election: Transfer Of Power….. 5/24/2009
17. Soil To Soil 6/14/2009
18. Said The People 6/20/2009
19. Make It Hard, Make It Last 6/22/2009
20. Death 6/22/2009
21. Namaste T20 6/23/2009
22. Can'T Stop Marriage From Mid Air 10/23/2009
23. God’s Own Country 10/23/2009
24. The Bomb That Will Never Go Off 11/1/2009
25. No, Thanks Mnc In Sharing H20 Problems 11/4/2009
26. Nobody Has It So Good As You Had 11/4/2009
27. Making Hay While Sunshine 11/7/2009
28. I Have Decided To Join The Taliban 11/7/2009
29. Smart Rama 11/18/2009
30. The Way It Works 11/20/2009
31. Maintaining Peace With Ease 11/26/2009
32. Help! , I Lost My Mobile… 11/26/2009
33. “….Will Be Done. Give Us A Few Days.” 12/3/2009
34. The Way You I Sense 12/7/2009
35. Hey Ram! 12/10/2009
36. Out Of Blue Solution 12/11/2009
37. In Search Of God 12/14/2009
38. The Big Sleep 6/27/2009
39. Mouth 6/27/2009
40. A Mid Summer Night Dream 6/29/2009

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Best Poem of Venkatesh M. R.

Let It Be, As It Would Be

Things may change
But root remains the same
The melody of Nightingale
Throughout the world is same.

Whatever the world brings
With same tune it sings
Place it in bonded cage
Or in a freedom filled stage.

By seeing the bird in tree
Along its tune you become free,
Your spirits are chained
If within walls its song is entertained

Let it be, as it would be
For all of us to be free.

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Moon And Me

The effervescent joy blooming
By just at you gazing,
Filling with love and ecstasy
From your milky glow in sky.
Profound rhythm engulf with cool breeze
And I becoming one in ambience fuse
Past dark clouds vanish from sky,
In your present charm I lie.
From eon, you were and are there,

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