Venkatesh Raghava Poems

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Let It Be, As It Would Be

Things may change
But root remains the same
The melody of Nightingale
Throughout the world is same.

Face Of Woman Of Resolve

Widowed young mother of two
Found it was hard to live
When her husband died in an accident
With little money in his tent.

I Don’t Want To Go There

Winds of agony blow
With coldness traversing the heart
Causing chillness in my spine
And my existence shiver.

True Bravery

In 1746, Britain was at war with Spain

Ships belong to rival were sunk

Between Online And The Real – Line

Gopal was looking for a bride,
He put parents advise aside
And registered in a matrimony site
Possessing beautiful wife in sight.

Your Eyes Are Perfectly Normal, But…

India is a democratic country
And people from all walks of life can enter parliament
Without qualification or ability
Just by manipulating citizen’s empathy.

The Ever Filled Reservoir Of The School Teacher

Teachers in India like to impart knowledge
So their students can have an edge
Their Students are their pride
Whom they proudly remember when they retire.

Highway To Hell?

Ambitions light up the road
Beneath dark night of failures,
Stepping up accelerator
To grow in stature.

The X&Y Generation

Young generation are catching the express train
Which moves forward not afraid of unknown
Getting in and out at unfamiliar platform
Taking the challenges by storm.

Life Is A Plant In My Garden…

In serene mist in dawn
Buds blossom
With aspirations. - Childhood.

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