Veronica Murdoch Eaton Poems

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Mandela's Time! ! !

Mandela! Madiba! They cry out and shout your name,
the nation's people fear, their lives shan't ever be the same.
You were so loved by many and loathed by many too,
you did your crime, Mandela and also paid what was due.

Just Me

The dawn is breaking, the sun is peeping through.
The birds are chirping, the day is filled with things to do.
Another twenty four hours, how fortunate can one be,
to hear all these sounds and this life too, I can see.


Let's learn to solve, let's learn to talk. Then it's all about, walk the walk.
Surrender, release, let go of the pain, by keeping it close, there is nothing to gain. Toss it, throw it, in the air. Lighten our thoughts, no more despair.
When all is said, over and done, remember that, we are not the only ones.
Let's find our gifts, let's fill our hearts with love, let's stay connected to God above.


Live your life, in the kindest way.
Never harden your heart but keep it strong.
Love your life, each and every day.
Never lose your sense, of where you belong.

When Your Hearts Collide

Your eyes meet,
your hearts miss a beat,
you both walk to each other to greet.
When you hearts collide!

Christmas 2013! ! !

Another day has dawned, all wet and grey,
but pure bliss to everything that needs water to stay.
One month to Christmas, the buzz has begun,
The cars rushing by, the people now run.

Pamberi! ! !

As I have come to know, the man with a Golden Glow.
I search deep inside,

The Presence Of Abscence

Your heart tears, it weeps and tightens, as it begins to crush.
Trying to understand life, love, hurt, it all becomes too much!
What is this, you call out, in disbelief,
is it forever, a few years or just simply too brief?


Delve into your dreams, silently at night.
Hold them with passion, no wrong, only right.
Dream them, embrace them, do them if you dare.
Live them and give them to others, to enjoy and to share.

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