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I can cry a river of tears
I can cry for the release of fears.
I can pray a prayer every day
I can pray for the world to change and can be saved.

I've had many dreams that has led me through my spiritual journey
And every morning I wake up to the sunshine and glory
This I tell you is my wonderful story...
When I lost my mom I fell into a deep black well.

You know I am forty-one and I am still beautiful
between being a mom and a Grandma I am still dutiful
I write and I paint
I know I'm not a saint

Alone she sat on the soft green grass
Leaning agaisnt the old oak tree
Daydreaming of what this birth might be
Thinking will it look like me,


Here I am deep in the earth
I am the red dirt.
Here I am in a seed
I need the rain so I can grow and feed.

The light that shines in my eyes has seen the darkness long ago,
Something so frightening it has to be told
Childhood memories unfold.
In my mind is the right time to get it all out

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I have been writing poetry since 1993, I have around 530 poems on Whatever comes into my mind I write. I have two Young adult science fiction books and one ghost story called Haunted Dock The Fisherman's Son published and each one has chapters were I have my poems inside. Poetry has always been number 1 to me. Poetry is a form of a short idea or expression for something bigger and better. I am very proud of my goals and dreams. I have to prove to myself every day that I have came along way from the poor and abusive life and the discouragement of my dad. I believe that everyone is creative and some takes a while before they realize...hey, that's what I'm suppose to be. I was 24 years old and had three kids before I finally realized I wanted and should be a writer. I have five kids that are now adults and I'm a happy Grandmama. Oh yeah, I paint pictures and they can be viewed on vickyr.myspace and my books are on and Or you could type my name in the search engine.

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Heal The Earth

I can cry a river of tears
I can cry for the release of fears.
I can pray a prayer every day
I can pray for the world to change and can be saved.
I can see that we all do care
I can see mountains of trees that are becoming bare.
I can hear about our ponds and lakes going dry
and the oceans heating up with Global Warming dispair.
I can hear about the animals and people with diseases
and no homes left that's so unfair.
I can feel the sun getting hotter than ever as my brown
skin starts to blister and peel.
I can feel our earth rumble with volcanos, tornados
and hurricanes and earthquakes.
I can voice out my concerns and there are so many more
things that are at stake.
I can voice out my thoughts as I pray for God to let
the Earth begin its healing
For this is our world that we live and make before it's to late.

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vicky Lynn Ring Popularity

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