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Living life a day at a time. Right? ? ? ?

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Time is defined by three words
Present, Past and Future
The Past though important was not meant to last
The Present which is now is the time to represent


Words are said, but others are heard
When quote is said, note is heard
When plait is said, plate is heard
Some words are different but sound the same

Perfection Is Unattainable

Here as I sit, as I await summer.
I hear voices, "We want summer."
Winter is too cold, but summer is too hot.
Spring is nice, but I must be in school.

Hairy Hare

Today we breathe so fresh the air
Our clothes though not needed we buy and wear
Our environment is given no care
A new footwear is out, buy me a pair

The Role Model

Imagine how difficult it is, for a mother,
to give birth to her son
raise him, watch him leave home
watch him serve the world

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24 July 2015

Time is a measure of existence, without quantifying it we are never old.

20 June 2016

There's always a fall before a rise. If you rise without falling, you better watch your back.

20 June 2016

It is not failing that bothers me, it is the lack of trying that does.

20 June 2016

It's not the good times, but that bad ones that show who we are.

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