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Enemies Of Nigeria

They do not believe in Nigeria
Who send their children to school abroad
While the ones at home rot and decay.
In ill-funded dilapidated schools

Good Old Days

A while, a while
O yet another while!
Let this while begin now
to resurrect from graves

Wild Fruits

Mothers get so pained seeing their children cry
They guard their loins ready to fight
And die to pamper their old babes.
They starve to give their angels cheer

Biafra Is Still On My Mind

Biafra is still on my mind
They have done nothing to erase it.
I still hear everywhere,
Words that betray my serenity;

Atoned (In Memory Of Papa)

You have dotted the multihued skies
With your credible finite goodness;
You have destroyed ancestral curses
And earned us wholesome splendid victories

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This is a poet above his time. His deep insight is intriguing.

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Victor Okechukwu Anyaegbuna, was born on November 11 (Poppy Day) , in the first year of the second half of the twentieth Century, at Aba in Eastern Nigeria, as the first of seven children of same parents. He attended the elite Government Secondary School, Afikpo in Eastern Nigeria where he was Editor-in-Chief of the school's 'Purple Times' newslett ...

Victor Okechukwu Anyaegbuna Popularity