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They ask me what's wrong
I say I'm OK
I don't want them to worry
Tomorrow is another day


I opened a letter
But I couldn't read
Up in the sky
Down on the ground

Time to rest our eyes
We visit imagination
Best vacation of mind
Hidden desires, lost memories


Dream with pain from you
Awake with pain from you
I'm afraid to be alone
I'm afraid to stay at home

I knew the truth about me
Without any facts
I knew things would turn
Bad luck always comes back

I feel lonely
in a crowded room
People are cold and rude
Nobody pays attention

She starts to talk, so listen well
Behave the way, when first you greet her
Sing the song that hasn't been writ
Take the road that she once spoke


They say hate is another fear
A fear to not love
A fear to not belong
A fear to not be here

Before, Vick became my name
Before, Sad thoughts set in
Before, Girls started to say no
Before, Entering the party world

I miss my old home
It had a broken mirror
I couldn't see my face
I miss my childhood

Daylight isn't around as much
It starts to get colder
Halloween is almost here
Another year, I'm getting older

Im full of imagination, thats what they say
Moments change but they stay the same
Ive lost too many friends along the way
What happened to me? whats to blame



Thank you--she is my friend
It's a rare positive
She cares like a sister would
I'm also there for her

I pick up the phone
No one can hear me
I'm waiting for someone to call
They don't want to see me

Bothered by the rain
My balance I maintain

Could I sing a song with you
The girl will never look at me
So I split myself into two
The beautiful side that I see

I blow out the birthday candle
I ask for the impossible
Celebrating another year
I can't slow down father time


Standing in front of a house
A place where I grew
Watching people around
The girl I once knew

She's not picking up her phone
She must have caller ID
Another night at home
Another night with me

The Best Poem Of Victor Osorio

Fake Smile

They ask me what's wrong
I say I'm OK
I don't want them to worry
Tomorrow is another day
Happy it may not be
I'll wear a fake smile
They will know something is wrong
If they don't see me in awhile
Maybe someone I should tell
I'm just hurting
I'm not doing well
I start to act like old me
Everything seems fine
Happy people---happy they see
They don't care what I look like outside
But I do, my ugliness needs to hide
They say they like me for me
I'll stay happy as I could be
Friends are temporary, changes will take awhile
They never knew I had a fake smile.

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Mason Williams 02 February 2016

These poems may be depressing, yet they have a deep meaning, which I love. If only he was still with us....

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Stan Z 10 May 2004

your poems stuff r okay there king of kool;

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