Prideless Idiot Poems

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Dead Feet

Walking over to start a
Day walking over every
Object as if a man and
Each distance left off with no

Garroting Thoughts

I sit trying to soak in reality, and I get shocked in angsty, sprinting within my chair to spur up mashed worded fantasy.
Supercharged brain starts imprinting ideas into itself, occasionally lifting up a hand on health and transferring data through a calf.
But when time came to see my computer, all the flames and sparks slipped through the disappearing user.
Sitting at the forefront of the medium in my existence, I stay frozen and still in resistance, body vegetablizing with renaissance, but mind sprinting through nonexistent barriers that annul when in non-permittance.


Just do it, i hear in the faint distance of the nether lands.
Just do it, i see in the transparency of your eyes of cobalt steel
Just do it, i feel in the ghost of my weight sitting on me
Truth sits right on you, why not take the directive to follow in

The Void

Fly a plane, seat
For a spark of
curiosity to burn
Within, run over a

Marginal Benefit

A baby has no worth
It purchases a diamond
That diamond allows for purchase of two toddlers
This toddlers brings a value of platinum bar

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