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Dead Feet

Walking over to start a
Day walking over every
Object as if a man and
Each distance left off with no
Time combust every fragment
Of individual remain
Brave enough to etch itself
Into hollow ground rooted
Yet loose from existence's shell
Wandering till neverland
Never recollect said hand
Scratch, grab, throw, catch, fall, repeat
Every process sinks no more
The meaning meant to be left
Each scent trails the breeze for wake
A second it'll touch no waves
Two seconds it'll part the air
The third leaves no form to bear
Cycle again to scrape in out
Another version of terror
Release it into the wild
Watch it vanish oblivious
Reimbursed is not the breeze
Endowed is not natural life
Lie down to rest for the day
Nothing has changed since you came
It was a wonderful trip
We would get many the same
But penned is one unique you
Forgotten but never lost

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