Vidyapati Thakur Poems

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Brooding Love

Your moon-faced love
Had never guessed
That parting hurts.

He Promised He'D Return Tomorrow

He promised he'd return tomorrow.
And I wrote everywhere on my floor:

Sad Love

The moon spits fire,
Lotuses droop
And loaded with fragrance
Mingle in sad love.

River And Sky

Oh friend, I cannot tell you
Whether he was near or far, real or a dream.
Like a vine of lightning,
As I chained the dark one,

My Friend, I Cannot Answer When You Ask Me To Explain

My friend, I cannot answer when you ask me to explain
what has befallen me.
Love is transformed, renewed,
each moment.


Awake, Radha, awake,
Calls the parrot and its love.
For how long must you sleep,
Clasped to the heart of your Dark-Stone?

Childhood And Youth

Childhood and youth are mingled both.
Her eyes have taken the road to her ears:
Wily are her words,and her low laugh
As if the moon appeared on earth.

All My Inhibition Left Me In A Flash

All my inhibition left me in a flash,
When he robbed me of my clothes,
But his body became my new dress.
Like a bee hovering on a lotus leaf

As The Mirror To My Hand

As the mirror to my hand,
the flowers to my hair,
kohl to my eyes,
tambul to my mouth,

For Heaven's Sake, Listen, Listen, O My Darling

For heaven's sake, listen, listen, O my darling:
Do not dart your cruel, angry glances at me,
For I swear by the lovely pitchers of your breasts,

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