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She told me to feel her chest
I couldn't believe -
Someone's body, could be so hot
I sat beside her

No doubt, I am a science student
And a student is another word for a believer
But to convey the truth
I don`t believe all

I have fallen
From my reserved state
I fell in love
They say am seventeen

The shackles of bitterness
I can sense its stench
It fills my lungs to disgust
I wish to have autumn.


This empty hall
I find myself in
The reverberation of thoughts
seems to be everywhere

She may act all hardy
And look all principled
But touch her soft spot
And she comes crumbling

Friends always tell me of rhyme
But I think they are all chime
For they make me think long
Which I know also makes me stink

Resolutions, I pen down
To keep, a solution I need
The wrong I know
The rights are familiar with me

Being so far from men
Still thy influence felt
A thought none can comprehend
Of it's beginning nor end

I weep
I weep for you child
I weep for myself

Don't procastinate
Never leave for tomorrow
What you should do today
Don't get lazy

Open the door to your heart
Let me be the one you deserve
The one who reads your silence
The one who understands

Shades of blue
Carved around the palm tree
The cool night breeze
It makes one forget tomorrow

It swirl and swirl
Emotions, feelings and pleasures
In my excited state
The universe calls out to me

Sometimes, just sometimes
I feel confused
In times like this
I feel my world has come crashing down

Why do every thing become clear when its too late?
Some have the taste of bad fate
Time, Enough it is to change
But altogether it seems too strange,

Take me for a flight little bird
Let's soar through times and clouds
And may it not be third
But, Together forever bound.

This feeling I bottle up
Fears I feel, it could explode if I let out
Will I be burned
If I hold on, moments longer

Sunken, l lay
As the time ticked by
I savoured the solitude
As I tried to forget the past

As the day goes by
I cannot help but to reflect on my past mistakes
Having no guardian
I continually erred

Vincent Igwilo Biography

Igwilo Vincent Somto, Is a youth born in Anambra state, Nigeria. He believes that in every youth lies a potential that is waiting for actualization and is using his abilities in the poetry and article writing to change the world, He is a Christain and is the second child and first son of his family, He started writing at the age of 15 yrs and was inspired by two friends of his; Ibekwe chisom and Akupue chibuike, He mostly writes on feeling and abstract ideas.)

The Best Poem Of Vincent Igwilo

Mama Can't Be Sick

She told me to feel her chest
I couldn't believe -
Someone's body, could be so hot
I sat beside her
I felt her pain
Or I thought I did
But mama was strong
She didn't act sick
She was strong for me,
For what I would
That's my mum
And she is my all in all

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Great poet, your works have made you the mouthpiece of this century youth. More grease

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Winter Wyte 07 June 2016

I love all your poems your probably good at free writing too

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Winter Wyte 16 January 2016

LOVE your poems ahhh! ! ! ! ! !

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Vincent Igwilo Quotes

We do not know to what extent our influence would stop if we decide to unleash our potentials

Have you wondered why the devil tries to keep men busy? We are created to recreate, Whatever we do whether good or bad is meant to be a success.

I have experienced no great peace than that which is gotten in the lines of the scripture

The right thing, all seems to know, but to do the right you must master the self

Just as every particle travels on its own course, so is every organism, follow yours and seek not for another

The really brave does not say he is brave

Intelligent minds dwell in heights, where the unintelligent cannot savour

Every human on earth with a brain is a potential great soul, for the brain which is the only natural resource given to man by God, if utilized and developed has the ability to make one an irreplaceable factor of creation

Don't try to be like someone else, just be yourself for that is all there is to be

When you rate yourself on the scale of success, look at no other, but evaluate your accomplishment with your strenght

You cannot call yourself a Christian, when you have not arrived to the point in life where everything around you suggest you compromise

To enjoy the future you have utilize the present

I am me, because nobody can tell me that but myself

Humility is a virtue acquired only by him who has once fallen

Self control is an element of the strong

Consistency is the foundation of achievement

Dare to be different, dare to do something out of the menu, then success is guaranteed

Laziness is a parasite that eats up its host to the bones

Love silence and you are sure to have small enemies

The number one step in finding a good friend is to become one

Since you can't form a handshake, we need each other

When you don't know your left from your right.The best thing to do may be to relax, close your eyes and take a deep breath, then think straight

The number one secret of success in life is constancy of purpose

Vincent Igwilo Popularity

Vincent Igwilo Popularity

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