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The prophets portended it,
Bible bibled it,
And so shall it be.
Faith has lost,

Once upon a time,
Man was an Adam
When the beautifulness was beautifying
The beauty,

Dreams, illusions, and cravings,
In them my being focused,
My existence qualmed
Till now I found you,

Dear Helen,
We both heard-
Known of these shall be removed
Nor added unto


You are the lion,
Roaring fiercely in the jungle,
You're the eagle,
Flying upon the earth,

For the first time I cherished,
From the depth of my heart,
Fast and furious I haste;
Forever you in my life,

The tale of magic,
In the river of life,
Taking me here and there,
That I cannot breathe,

Man is animal
Living in species
Even bird indifference
Duck, Dove and others.

My love, I am tired
With all my being to grasp a form,
Comparable to think own
But nothing seems worthy,

Kiss by kiss,
Touch by touch,
Step by step,
Understanding I was,

Into my world of darkness and silence,
Suddenly it lit my candles,
I began to see and understand,
The taste and texture of life.

Just like the other days,
It goes as it comes
That Sun and Time could not
Bear witness.

Beauty I cherished,
Cherish my love,
Love I desired,
Your gaze pre-empt my heart.


My lips speak soft sweetness,
Your touch, a cool care,
I'm lost in your magic,
For within your strenght my heart beats.

There's a rose amongst flowers,
And a dime, a dozen,
You're a gold amongst jewelries,
That passionately embraced

One is not born a driven snow,
'All, said He, have sinned',
But plausibility slightly emerged,
Like tiptoe in the hid and seek,

Open-market we cover our heads,
Progressively into violated the fellow lives,
Even the guardians are wanted,
Never returned mama left home morrow.

Bright day
Darkened day

Akinnusi Daniel Oladipo Biography

Akinnusi Daniel Oladipo, poet and playwright, born in may 1 1988 in an ancient town; Idanre, acquired his SSCE certificate in year 2006 at Bafed High School, Idanre. He also schooled at St. Peter's Unity Secondary School, Akure. He is a graduate from a noble department; English Studies, in Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko, Ondo State Nigeria. Amongst his poems are 'A Cry for the Saviour', " The Thief Groom" , " My Mores" " Apposite" , " I Too Am a Voice" and many others.)

The Best Poem Of Akinnusi Daniel Oladipo

The Thief Groom

The prophets portended it,
Bible bibled it,
And so shall it be.
Faith has lost,
Our lives we live,
Days to week,
Weeks to month,
Gradually the songs fade.
Works and lives the world Focuses,
By the sun and the moon,
The belief is remiss,
But I tell you;
The groom is a thief at night.

Akinnusi Daniel Oladipo Comments

Enikanoselu Seyi 17 May 2017

Dear poet, you are making impact and leading the air. Keep the good work continue

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Ogunga Helen 14 June 2016

Poem is indeed magic, i have learnt a lot from reading your works. You seem to be the 'silent watch' of our society. Weldone and good work.

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Igwilo Vincent Somto 06 June 2016

you seem to write like shakespeare, i know you will be a great poet someday, keep the nigerian flag flying high

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Ogunga Helen 22 May 2016

Great poet, i love your works because you've been the eye of our societ. Please, we look up for more.

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Folorunso Oladipo Daniel 19 December 2015

The good poems are like the flame covered by a hug basket.

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Akinnusi Daniel Oladipo Quotes

Focus is the secret of success in life

It is not over until it is over.

The best road to success is to ensure achievement daily

Falling does not mean failure but away of making amendment in the process of dealing

If life is perfect, challenge won't exist and victory would neither relevant

Ideology and positive act on them makes one brilliant

The activities of today are actually the realization of dreams of tomorrow

Success is built on the foundation of determination and discipline

The greatest obstacle in life is not the man sitting on destiny but lack of proper awareness

That day you begin to imitate another person then Your potential has been abandoned

What stops you from doing anything today will also hider tomorrow

A man is the architect of his life and his own destiny

The succession in man's life starts when he discovers who he is

A good planning is a sure key to better achievement in life

Religion is not meant to condemn but to share light on the daily bases.

If achievement is to be measured, then, daily activities are necessarily to be focused

Our lives begin to end on that day we start silent on what is matter

The best defination of man is (M) -morning, (A) -afternoon, and (N) -night

No one can change other until his self is amend

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Akinnusi Daniel Oladipo Popularity

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