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It’s a starry-starry night
I & mom just had a fight
I started crying a little
& move out of the room tonight.

Its cold I shiver a little
The wind is blowing slowly
He slightly slips his jacket
& places it over me…

Today I woke up late
With a little headache
Its maybe due to the dream tonight
I recalled it sitting on my bed

At the dark most corner
I try to be as invisible as I can be
I don't have to try hard
I've always felt invisible, when he's not looking at me.

There's no feeling left
there's no pain in fall
its been three hours since
im staring at the front wall

a guy promised his girlfriend
that he would love her till infinity
but what he dies tomorrow?
his infinity for me is uncertainty

I can’t tell you what the feeling is
When you look me in the eyes.
The way you say ‘I LOVE YOU VITI’
For me, it’s the biggest prize...

We promised to be together
To always stay with one another
Those beautiful gifts which u gav
And I was happy…

You tell we can’t be lovers
Then I should tell you its too late.
I’m breathing & drinking in all your love,
You are my only faith.

Sitting all dressed up & nervous
With a ring for my honey
Few seconds & he’ll be mine
Yes, it’s my wedding ceremony…

I wake up in the morning
With your name on my lips
& your love in my heart
See, thhis is how my everyday starts…

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Tonight.... I Think Of You

It’s a starry-starry night
I & mom just had a fight
I started crying a little
& move out of the room tonight.
My eyes are still wet
Those beautiful nights I can’t forget
When we used to talk till dawn
With no worries & no regrets.
See now you are in my mind,
Your thought s make me so bind
I smile for no reason
& I ignore the midnight like a blind.
Suddenly the cold wind blows
I remember that yellow rose
It reminds me of your fragrance
The time we were so close.
Here moon & clouds are having race
Between them I see your face
I miss you by my side
Darling, you’re missing here for so many days.
I miss your tanned skin, sweet smile
The chilling wind stops for a while
I miss your warm hands around me
& I whisper your name quietly.
Clouds have set the moon free
Baby, I wish you were here beside me
It’s the break of dawn
The sky is looking lovely.
I watch the sky turn light blue
But it’s not the same without you
Because I need you here with me
To tell u baby, I love you too.
Still, the silence isn’t so bad
Though I look at my hands & feel sad
Because the spaces between my fingers I see,
Are wright where yours fit perfectly…

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