Vizard Dhawan

Vizard Dhawan Poems

1. Flavour 11/6/2012
2. I With My Question 11/6/2012
3. Who! But You 11/6/2012
4. Till Now 11/6/2012
5. Someone Patted On The Door 11/6/2012
6. The Description 11/6/2012
7. Sorrow 11/7/2012
8. She- The Unforgetable 11/7/2012
9. I; July Guy; Her October 11/8/2012
10. Forever, I Am There 11/8/2012
11. My Star 11/8/2012
12. Crying Truth 11/8/2012
13. As Simple As Love 11/8/2012
14. You Must Visit My Grave With A Flower 11/8/2012
15. If You Leave Me I Would Become A Tree 11/8/2012
16. The Crying Desert 11/10/2012
17. Her Face! 11/10/2012
18. See You In Heaven 11/10/2012
19. The Statue 11/10/2012
20. When She Walks By 11/12/2012
21. Heartbeat 11/13/2012
22. Now And Forever 11/13/2012
23. The Sell Out 11/13/2012
24. Face 11/13/2012
25. Poison Love 11/14/2012
26. I Wish Dying At Your Sight 11/14/2012
27. The Rose 11/14/2012
28. God! In My Arms 11/15/2012
29. Hearts Are Red 11/9/2012
30. The Epic 11/9/2012
31. Heartless 11/9/2012
32. In Your Arms 11/9/2012
33. My Feelings 11/15/2012
34. Tears-But Of Happiness 11/16/2012
35. Battle 11/17/2012
36. The One 11/17/2012
37. Sigh Returns 11/17/2012
38. You Dwell In My Eyes- Live In My Poetry 11/17/2012
39. Goddess Charms 11/17/2012
40. When I Look At The Road 11/17/2012
Best Poem of Vizard Dhawan

A Million Kisses For One Lips

I may not be a millionaire for the rest of the world
but in my lover's eyes I am worth more than that
I may not be the wisest for the scholars present here
but in my lover's eyes I have more wisdom than the rest
I may not be the smartest of the smart folks here
but in my lover's eyes I might be more than Tom Cruise! !
my pocket will be empty never will be my heart
everyday seeing your face, feeling you, my days start
I may not be able to provide you this world's glimpse
but I have a million kisses for your one lips

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I With My Question

People choice rest with them
If they ever do so, one thinks
They are not fit for the society,
Not fit for the mankind.
I too have done the same mistake,
Again and again and again.
Am asking the question to myself,
Hoping to get no answer within me.
Conslting my fellow for the same.

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