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It is not how long you live, my child,
But how well.

It's easier to attain great power

Who is on the Lord's side
It's often hard to tell
For few are they that serve Him
And fewer serve Him well

i awake with
Conscious fear
Where's that ring
I placed it here

Saints and sinners, now all late
Sleep silently beyond the gate
Where epitaphs abound

Then came a day (like never was)
When members of the flesh, with cause
Assembled to debate the laws
Concerning their dominion

Hey kid
Where're your folks
Where're you from?

They labour to discover how
This marvel of a man
Was cunningly conceived of old
Without a master plan

One day is as a thousand years
A thousand years one day
No sooner time drops fill the hour
They quickly drain away

What we see, taste, touch or feel
Cannot dictate what is real
And what our senses take to heart
Only tell the truth in part

Come let us tread the path of faith
With straight and narrow sides
That passes through the valley
In whose shadow death abides

History speaks of Jesus Christ
A good man who was killed

His Story speaks of boundless joy

Their beauty boasts of freshness
Even as the morning dew
And love that holds her value
Only while the day is new

O watchman, watchman
What of the night,
For alas the people sleep,

Now all our yesterdays are gone
(The bane of many sorrows)
Those passions we could not restrain
As moths before a naked flame

My son if thou wilt
Receive of my words
And hide my commandments within thee
That thou seekest wisdom

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A Life That Counts

It is not how long you live, my child,
But how well.

It's easier to attain great power
than it is to let good governance flower
To work and live life selfishly
than it is to leave a legacy

It is not how much you have, my child,
But how content.

How many laurels or degrees
Compared with time spent on your knees
How many houses, lands and ships
To how much truth comes from your lips

It is not what men say of you, my child,
But what God says.

The greatest tragedy is not death
But a life that does not count each breath
A privilege and a debt to pay
To the One who takes that breath away!

It is not how long you live, my child,
But how well.

(March 2005)

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Wale Adekoya Popularity

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